How to Pay for Cosmetic Surgery

12 Jul 2018

Before getting cosmetic surgery one of the main things that should be taken into consideration is the cost. Surgery can be expensive, and it is not usually available on the NHS; however, there are ways to pay and there are options you can take to meet the cost. We have written this guide to help anyone who is considering plastic or cosmetic surgery and is worried about the price to understand the options and make the right decision.

How to pay

Speak to your surgeon
The first thing you should do is speak to the surgeon who will be carrying out the procedure. All surgery costs will be explained to you and you will find out all of the information before any treatment is carried out. Make sure when you speak to your surgeon, you make sure that the estimate includes anaesthesia and any pre-operative and post-operative costs.

Save money
It is a good idea to start saving up as soon as possible. You may have enough money in savings to pay for the treatment, if not start saving. Open an ISA and pay money into it regularly. If you can pay for your surgery in full then you will save money on financing fees and interest. If you have any spare cash then save it. You may need to make cutbacks to save more money to reach your target.

Ask about payment plans
There’s every chance that your surgeon could offer you payment plans, meaning you won’t have to pay the full cost straight away. You might be able to make a down payment and pay off the rest of the cost at a fixed price every month. Make sure you ask for information about interest, late payment fees, and other details. Check your budget to see what you can afford and what you can’t afford.

Get a loan
It may be possible to get a loan to pay for the surgery, look for a loan with 0% interest-free credit, this allows you to borrow any amount of money and pay it back over 12 months with 0% interest-free credit. A deposit may be required before you get the loan. Other loans may offer a larger timescale to pay the money back.

Pay with a credit card
Most doctors should accept major credit cards, and if you have one that has a limit allowing you to cover the surgery then this may be an option. Use your credit card with the lowest interest rate as it will probably take a while to pay down the balance and you do not want to add interest on unnecessarily. You might even want to apply for a new credit card or pay for the cost separately using several credit cards.

Hopefully, this guide will make your options easier to understand when choosing a payment option for your treatment. Fully research your options before you choose the wrong decision could be disastrous.

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