Say Goodbye to Acne Scarring

Elanic surgeons have more than a decade of experience treating acne scarring, and our clinic is committed to using the most revolutionary technology possible to address your issues. With advanced laser energy, our team can help you significantly reduce the presence of acne scarring so that you can enjoy smooth, healthy skin once more.

If you’re interested in learning how we can help you with a serious confidence boost, our helpful staff is standing by and ready to help you get started on your life-changing cosmetic journey. Simply reach out to us at our Glasgow location and set up your consultation at the Elanic clinic most convenient for you!

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How Does Acne Scarring Treatment Work?

This highly effective laser treatment utilizes a combined benefit: While it improves the presence of scarring by tightening the skin, it also works to significantly improve your pigmentation through skin resurfacing. The CO2RE Laser makes thousands of microscopic holes in the outer layers of your skin while heating the deeper layers to encourage the formation of new collagen and superficial skin resurfacing.

The CO2RE system enables our cosmetic experts to precisely target and effectively treat the skin’s surface, middle, and deep dermal levels. You are very likely to see a difference after only one treatment, and over the following days, your skin will start to look softer, smoother, and tighter. 

A Comfortable Experience

Your acne scar treatment will be carried out using only local anaesthetic cream, as this treatment is minimally invasive and surprisingly comfortable. Traditional treatments such as medical dermabrasion or full ablative resurfacing run the high risk of scarring, pigment change, and a lengthy recovery period lasting months. This treatment, however, will see you back to your daily routine after a minimal recovery period—the most you’ll experience will be a day or two of peeling, depending on the specifics of your treatment.

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Creating the Results You Deserve

Here at Elanic, we understand that your appearance is important to you. Your ability to put your best face forward makes a significant impact on your day-to-day life, so our goal is to help you enjoy all the confidence and empowerment that comes along with your cosmetic ideal.

We offer a wide range of both surgical and non-surgical solutions, enabling you to craft a highly customised treatment plan that is bespoke to your individual needs. When you’re ready to learn more about how Elanic can help you absolutely love the way you look, our team is here to help.

We have clinics throughout Scotland and the north of England and can’t wait to get you started on your amazing journey. Reach out and set up your consultation at our Glasgow call center today!

Discover Healthy, Clear Skin

If you’ve been wondering how you can rid yourself of frustrating acne scars, Elanic is here with the solution. Our practitioners bring years of experience to the table and will work with you to develop a treatment plan that sees you enjoying spectacular results. When you’re ready to learn more about our acne scar treatments, simply reach out and book your consultation.

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