The Gastric Sleeve at Elanic

A gastric sleeve is a surgical procedure that greatly reduces the capacity of the stomach, by around 75%, which ultimately results in long-term weight loss and vastly improved the health of our patients.

A sleeve gastrectomy also removes the part of your stomach that produces the hunger-stimulating hormone ghrelin, which also aids in your weight-loss journey by greatly reducing your hunger urges and appetite. The gastric sleeve procedure is carried out at our partner hospital and involves an overnight stay where you will be followed up by your surgeon and Elanic’s professional bariatric aftercare team. When you’re ready to learn more about this amazing procedure, simply reach out to our Glasgow call centre and set up your consultation at the Elanic clinic that’s most convenient for you.

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Is This Procedure Right for Me?

Surgery for weight loss, though highly effective, should never be the first solution. We will always recommend that you adopt healthy lifestyle patterns, make smart eating choices, and maintain a sufficiently active lifestyle before considering this procedure. If the more traditional methods for losing weight are simply not helping you accomplish your goals, however, this procedure might be perfect for you.

During your consultation, we’ll get to know your weight loss journey and help you pick out the procedure that’s right for you.

Weight Loss Surgery Aftercare

At Elanic we know that your relationship with us does not stop after surgery; we are here to support you through this life-changing journey. We have a team of weight-loss experts on-site to facilitate this, including bariatric nurses, patient coordinators, and dieticians so you’ll never feel as though you’re on your own. 

Investing in weight loss surgery with Elanic gives you access to your surgeon and dietician for the year following your surgery to ensure you receive the best possible care and results from your bariatric surgery. When we help you lose weight, we’re dedicated to ensuring that you keep it off for good.

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Set Up Your Consultation Today

If you think you might be an ideal candidate for the gastric sleeve procedure and would like to learn more about how it can not only help you lose weight, but keep it off for the long term, the Elanic team is ready to help. With the gastric sleeve you’ll be able to enjoy a more trim and toned silhouette, fit into the clothes you’d prefer, and enjoy all the self-confidence that comes with enjoying your ideal look. To begin your weight loss journey, simply reach out to us at our Glasgow call centre. A member of our team will help you set up your appointment and take those first exciting steps on your weight loss journey today.

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