What Does Active Acne Treatment Involve?

For the treatment of active acne-causing spots, simply reach out to our Glasgow call centre and book an appointment with one of our nurses for a skin consultation. This is complimentary and they may suggest either laser treatment or changing your skincare regime. For complex cases, we may suggest seeing one of our Consultant Dermatologists.

Since every patient is different and comes with unique skin qualities, your acne solution will be customised and tailored to you and your specific issues. We’ll create a plan that clears your skin and keeps the issue from returning.

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How Can You Address Active Acne?

Here at Elanic, our staff is made up of a number of highly experienced surgeons and aesthetic practitioners, who are extensively trained, and focused on their specialties full-time. This enables us to offer some of the most advanced treatments available, so you can look forward to clear, healthy skin. To learn more about these treatments, read below or set up your consultation at the most convenient clinic for you.

  • Laser resurfacing enables us to rejuvenate your skin and heal acne from the inside out.
  • Custom facials can be tailored to your specific skin qualities and the severity of your outbreak.
  • Obagi skincare products give you the opportunity to ensure that your results last for as long as possible.

Our Acne Treatments

CO2RE Laser Treatment

For post-acne scarring, we favour the revolutionary CO2RE Laser treatment. By making thousands of microscopic holes in the surface of your skin and simultaneously heating the deeper skin layers, the presence of scarring is reduced as new collagen is generated.


The skin experts at Elanic insist on only using the most advanced skincare products on the market that are backed by clinical, scientific evidence. Our custom facial for acne suffers uses SkinCeuticals products for premium treatment, so you can both look and feel your best.

Obagi Medical Advanced Skincare

These complete skincare systems are designed to deliver prescription ingredients into the skin at a cellular level to correct damage and increase cellular turnover, replacing the upper skin layer with new healthy cells and helping to restore normal skin function.

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Dedicated to Your Results

Here at Elanic, our team is committed to offering you the most advanced treatment options, with the most state-of-the-art technology available. 

With impressive solutions like laser resurfacing and a number of other minimally-invasive treatments, we can create incredible results without requiring that you take any serious time out of your day-to-day schedule.

Enjoy a Fresh-Faced, Healthy Look

Acne can be an unfortunate presence, but it doesn’t have to be a permanent one. If you’re ready to enjoy a clear, healthy complexion, the Elanic team is excited to help. With our wide range of available treatment modalities, we’re confident that we can create a tailored treatment plan that sees you enjoying the results of your dreams. When you’re ready to learn more about how Elanic can help clear up your acne, reach out to our Glasgow call centre and set up your consultation with a member of our team.

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