Enjoy a More Pert, Shapely Bust

The breast lift is a great procedure for women who feel as though their breasts have begun to take on a downward-pointing appearance, and the addition of implants can further enhance the results, enabling you to enjoy an improved silhouette thanks to breasts that are far more lively and supple.

When you’d like to learn more about how a breast lift with implants can improve your silhouette and boost your quality of life right along with it, our team is here to help. The Elanic staff is made up of a number of extensively trained and highly experienced surgeons, so you can enjoy total peace of mind as you look forward to your truly incredible results. When you’re ready to start your cosmetic journey, simply reach out to us at our Glasgow call centre, and a member of our team will help you set up your consultation at the Elanic location that is most convenient for you.

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Is a Breast Lift with Implants the Right Choice for Me?

Many of our patients come to us interested in a breast lift with augmentation after a life event has significantly changed or altered the look of their breasts. In a lot of cases, this is the result of childbirth or significant weight loss. Either one of these life events can result in a loss of volume from the bust, resulting in breasts that appear deflated, with the nipples pointing downward. In other cases, these changes can simply take place as a result of your natural genetic makeup.

No matter what your motivation may be, a breast lift with implants can help you achieve a more youthful and pert-looking bust, while also helping you add to the volume and projection of your breasts in a way that makes you feel completely satisfied. During your consultation, we’ll work with you to develop a surgical plan that creates your ideal results.

The Breast Lift + Implant Procedure

Since no two patients are exactly the same, your surgical plan will be tailored to you and your specific goals. Most breast lift with implant procedures take between three and four hours to complete and will be performed under general anaesthesia. Your surgeon will discuss incision placement and procedure techniques with you prior to the day of your surgery. Your breasts will be lifted and repositioned, with the nipples moved to an appropriate position, if necessary. Implant placement will further enable your surgeon to adjust the size and projection of your bust according to your specifications.

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Enjoying Your Incredible Results

Most patients experience a markedly mild recovery experience after their breast lift procedure.

Soreness and swelling are to be expected, and we’ll ensure that you have everything you need to remain comfortable as you recover. 

You’ll be given thorough aftercare instructions, and we’ll schedule follow-up appointments to ensure that you’re healing properly, as well. To learn more about how this procedure can help you absolutely love the way you look, reach out and set up your consultation with Elanic today.

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