Our Brazilian Butt Lift in Glasgow is a popular cosmetic surgery that can give our patients the butt they’ve always wanted while removing unwanted fat from other areas of the body. It has surpassed butt implants as the most sought-after butt procedure due to its natural approach and ability to give the patient an hourglass figure. 

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What Is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

A Brazilian Butt Lift, also known as a BBL, is a popular surgical procedure that involves a combination of a liposuction and fat transfer to the buttocks. This surgical procedure got its name from the women of Brazil, whose curves and distinct buttock profiles are famous all over the world. Many women dream of having the same look but need some outside assistance to get there. 

The overall goal of the treatment is to redefine the patient’s posterior appearance and create more harmony between the back buttocks and the thighs. While butt implants used to be the industry standard for butt enhancement, the BBL has become the favored procedure for its ability to improve both the size and shape of the buttocks using the patient’s own fat cells (no foreign materials are used in this procedure).

As this procedure uses the patient’s own fat instead of gluteal implants for butt contouring, the results are much more natural-looking. Beyond that, the fat grafting or fat transfer technique comes with less downtime than an implant procedure. The Brazilian Butt Lift is a great option for all patients who are dissatisfied with their buttock aesthetics and have plentiful fat stores to harvest from. 

The added benefit of this procedure is that, in addition to improving the size and shape of the buttocks, the surrounding areas, like the back, hips, and thighs, are made slimmer with liposuction, leaving patients with the silhouette they’ve been longing to have. 

What Are the Benefits of a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Improved body proportions

The most common reason people choose to receive a Brazilian butt lift in Glasgow is to make their bodies more proportionate. By reshaping the butt, the natural shape and contours of the body can be modified. 

A reduction in unwanted fat in other areas of the body

Aside from elevating the butt’s position and making it bigger, patients also see a reduction in unwanted fat in other areas of the body. During the procedure, fat is taken from other parts of the body and injected into the butt. The most common areas of extraction are the hips, thighs, stomach, and love handles. 

Results that look and feel natural

Implants and artificial fillers are known for their unnatural-looking results. If the patient experiences weight fluctuations, they can become even more obvious. A BBL uses fat grafts from the patient’s own body, giving them results that look and feel real. If the patient loses weight down the line, the butt will adjust naturally. 

Results show up fast

The Brazilian butt lift is a quick procedure that can achieve incredible results in just a few hours. Patients can forgo the task of doing endless squats in the gym and get the results they want in as little as 2 to 3 hours. 

Better-fitting clothing

An obvious benefit of this procedure is an improved butt shape, giving patients the ability to fill out their pants better. Patients who undergo a BBL will be able to ‘pull off’ various looks that were inconceivable to them. 

It's a Safe Form of Butt Enhancement

As this procedure is performed by way of injections, the likelihood of risks and complications is considerably lowered. Beyond that, this approach to butt enhancement doesn’t require the insertion of foreign materials into the buttocks. Therefore, the chances of developing an infection are greatly reduced. 

Cellulite becomes less visible

The butt will become firmer, reducing visible signs of cellulite. Cellulite on the thighs is also naturally reduced when the butt is lifted. Overall, the patient’s buttocks and thighs will look more toned and aesthetically appealing. 

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Who Is a Candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Patients who are dealing with the following issues may be good candidates for a Brazilian Buttlift:

  • Buttocks that are too small in proportion to the rest of the body, giving the patient an ‘unbalanced’ look.
  • A butt that is too flat or square-shaped and could use more curves
  • A butt that has started to sag due to aging (BBL can make it look more youthful)
  • Buttocks that appear to be sagging or flat due to weight loss
  • Clothing and swimwear do not the butt area properly
  • A desire for larger buttocks with better curvature and contours

Ideal candidates for a Brazilian Butt Lift will have plenty of fatty tissue around the body to be extracted with liposuction. Patients who do not have enough fat in other areas of the body may be instructed to put on some weight so that there is more to draw from. Beyond these criteria, skin laxity and skin tightness can both negatively impact the results of the procedure down the line. The patient’s skin quality will need to be assessed prior to undergoing the treatment.

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How Does the Procedure Work?

The procedure is carried out with general anesthesia, allowing patients to rest throughout the treatment process. The first step of the procedure is making incisions in the areas from which fat will be collected. The incision sites are pre-planned during the consultation process. While they are usually visible, they tend to be small and well-hidden. 

A specially-formulated fluid is injected into the fatty areas, prepping the fat and making it safer for removal from the body. This fluid works by reducing the blood content of the fat, minimizing any pain and discomfort. This fat is then liquefied so that it is easier to remove from the body. A thin tube (cannula) is then inserted to suction out the fat cells. This harvested fat is then carefully purified, making it ready for injection into the buttock region. The fat is then injected into the areas desired. 

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What Is the Recovery Period Like?

Following a Brazilian butt lift in Glasgow, patients are required to wear a special compression garment to help reduce swelling and protect the body’s new contours as they heal. This garment should be kept on for at least 3 weeks (although some patients may need it for 6 weeks). Drains are inserted under the skin in order to remove fluid from the surgical areas. These drains have been found to greatly improve the recovery process and reduce swelling.

Patients must avoid applying any unnecessary pressure to the butt region for the first two weeks following the procedure. The newly transferred fat cells need time to adapt to their new environment. This part of the recovery process can be a bit uncomfortable, as patients find themselves lying on their stomachs. Specialized pillows are available that can reduce pressure on the buttocks. 

Patients can start doing light exercise approximately three weeks after the surgery. Swelling will persist for a period of at least 3 to 4 months. Patients should wait until that time to judge the results of their procedure. 

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