An Effective Weight-Loss Solution

While the gastric balloon procedure is an incredibly effective solution, it’s important to note that weight loss surgery must never be the first option. This procedure is not without its risks, and we always work to ensure that all of our patients have thoroughly explored the full range of diet and exercise programs that might help them to safely and naturally manage their weight before considering surgery. If you’ve found that these traditional pathways just aren’t creating your ideal results, then the gastric balloon treatment may be right for you.

If you’re interested in speaking with a member of our team and exploring your options for weight loss surgery, our expert surgeons are standing by and ready to help you with an in-person consultation. Simply reach out to our Glasgow call centre and schedule an appointment at the Elanic clinic that is most convenient for you.

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Discover Your Ideal Body

Working with our partner private hospital, we offer integrated care programs to help you prepare for surgery and to adapt your lifestyle and eating habits after surgery. This enables you to not only keep the weight but enjoy healthy eating habits that will keep it off well beyond your surgery.

The surgery alone will not fix or cure your weight issue it will help you to make the necessary modifications in your lifestyle that will allow you to manage your weight down to a target level and keep it there. If you need Weight Loss Surgery, also sometimes known as Bariatric Surgery, we can offer a gastric balloon as an option.

A Non-Surgical Alternative

The gastric balloon is a temporary solution to encourage weight loss. It is the non-surgical weight loss alternative for people who want an intense period of weight loss and who understand that they must keep to a sensible eating programme after their balloon is removed. 

The balloon works by partially filling your stomach so that you feel less hungry, fuller quicker, and helps you to change your relationship with food. It is left in place for a period of six months, after which it will be removed, enabling you to enjoy your newfound relationship with healthy eating.

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Say Goodbye to Unhealthy Dietary Patterns

If you would like to book in for a consultation to discuss the gastric balloon please contact us here or call the clinic on 0141 332 5106. This procedure, when coupled with the right dietary habits and a healthy exercise routine, is a great way to readjust your relationship with your diet and enjoy a more fit and toned body...and all the improved self-confidence that comes with it. To get started on your weight loss journey, reach out to our Glasgow call centre and set up your consultation today.

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