Can Obagi Skin Care Help Me?

12 Jul 2018

A clear, glowing complexion is a fundamental part of looking good and a source of confidence. Some types of skin do not require a lot of care to appear clear and healthy, while others require more attention to look their best.

Can Obagi Skin Care Help Me?

Whatever your skin type, it will benefit from a sensible beauty routine using high-quality products that help to nourish, tone and exfoliate. Obagi Medical is an American range of skin care products only available from skin care professionals, physicians, and clinics. Obagi formulations include products focusing on different skin-related tasks, from transforming and rejuvenating the complexion to essential daily products, solutions for specific issues, and procedures administered by professionals. Obagi offers products to suit all ages and all types of skin.

Obagi skin care systems were developed by scientists to make a real difference to skin. Skin can present a range of issues at different ages and there is an Obagi targeted solution to address each one. Widely used to minimise the effects of ageing, Obagi products contain active ingredients that penetrate the epidermis – or surface layer of skin cells – to stimulate healthy new growth and restore optimal function for fresher, younger-looking skin.

The Obagi Nu-Derm System is a very popular treatment for transforming older skin and correcting signs of ageing, such as roughness, discolouration (or hyperpigmentation) and dark spots that form with too much melanin. The Nu-Derm system contains prescription hydroquinone (four percent) and can successfully treat dry to normal complexions and normal to oily skin.

It is never too early to start caring for your skin and Obagi has a system for women in their 20s who want to lay the foundation for the lifelong radiant skin. The Obagi360 System is a unique offering designed to protect the delicate complexion, tackle any visible early signs of ageing, and optimise the health and beauty of the skin. These products include Retinol 0.5 per cent, an exfoliating cleanser, and a broad spectrum 30 SPF sunscreen to help eliminate damage from harmful solar radiation and reduce signs of premature ageing. Obagi products also include a range of sunscreens to help guard all types of skin from the damaging effects of too much sun.

Acne is a problem that affects many complexions at some point. This does not need to be a source of distress, however, as Obagi makes it easy to get this condition under control. The CLENZIderm MD™ System has three vital steps and the products incorporate ingredients that have clinically demonstrated effectiveness in reaching the source of troubled pores. Tretinoin is another option for topical treatment of acne.

The texture of the skin also affects its appearance. Dewy fresh skin has an even texture, with no rough areas, enlarged pores, oiliness or dryness. This can be supported by daily care with Obagi products.

Skin can also suffer trauma from the stress of everyday living, a chemical peel, or laser treatment. Obagi offers richly hydrating moisturisers and Dermatrix Ultra, a sophisticated silicone gel used to diminish the appearance of scarring.

Obagi also cares for sensitive skin, which can be easily irritated and needs soothing and nourishment. The Gentle Rejuvenation System protects delicate skin with preparations that deliver suppleness and serenity.

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