5 Surprising Facts That May Affect Your Decision to Get Liposuction

12 Jul 2018

If you are considering having a liposuction procedure, there are a few interesting points about which you may not be aware. These five facts could influence your decision, so they are worth considering before you go ahead.

5 facts

Liposuction can be suitable whatever your weight
You do not have to be overweight to be eligible for liposuction. Although the procedure acts by removing fat cells, slim people can sometimes benefit from having these removed; even if you are close to your ideal weight, liposuction may still be suitable for you. If you are at all unsure, your cosmetic surgeon will be able to advise you about the possible benefits of liposuction in your individual circumstances.

Liposuction is an extremely versatile procedure
Liposuction can be carried out on many areas of the body, not simply the lower body and abdomen. It is commonly used on the face, neck and upper arms in addition to various other areas of the body. Wherever you feel you may have excess fat cells, it is worth discussing the problem with a cosmetic surgeon who specialises in liposuction and has extensive experience of the procedure. In this way, they will be able to tell you whether liposuction is appropriate.

The results of liposuction can depend on your lifestyle
Although the procedure removes fat cells from the body, fat is not removed forever and the fat cells that remain can grow if you do not make changes. Habits that caused the fat cells to develop in the first place will cause more to grow, so you really need to address factors such as diet and exercise to ensure the results last. If you do not make changes, you are likely to develop problem areas of fat and gain weight again.

Liposuction does not significantly reduce weight
The removal of fat cells by liposuction can make a definite difference to your contour and can enhance the changes you have made by losing weight; however, it alters your shape rather than your weight. This is why it can be suitable for people who are not overweight in addition to those who still need to lose a few pounds. You will not normally lose much weight through the procedure itself. Many people regard liposuction as a finishing touch to complete their transformation after losing weight.

Liposuction can be successfully combined with other procedures
A consultation with your cosmetic surgeon will tell you whether liposuction can be suitably combined with other procedures you may be undergoing. If you are being treated for hollow cheeks, sagging skin or drooping jowls, consider asking whether liposuction could enhance the treatment. It is also frequently combined with breast augmentation and tummy tucks, particularly for new mothers who are anxious to regain their pre-baby shape. Your surgeon will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision about liposuction.

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