What is Eye Bag Removal Surgery?

12 Jul 2018

Your eyes are the most important and expressive part of the face. This is why ageing around the eyes is such a disappointing occurrence, often being seen as much worse than other types of ageing. One aspect of eye ageing is the appearance of eye bags. These unsightly pockets of skin can also appear in younger people due to genetics.

What is eyebag removal

Eye bags are unattractive bags of skin that appear under the eyes. These pockets of skin are the results of skin and flesh sagging as we age. These pockets can also appear due to fluid retention, which can make the under-eye area appear puffy. Often eye bags go hand in hand with dark circles to make us look permanently tired, even after a good night’s sleep.

Thankfully, there are surgical procedures that can reduce the appearance of eye bags and even procedures that can remove these bags. Eye bags are often the result not only of excess skin sagging under the eye socket but also excess fatty tissue. Eye bag surgery can remove this excess skin and tissue to tighten the eye area and make the skin look younger and smoother.

Blepharoplasty Procedures
Eye bag removal surgery is called blepharoplasty. This can also cover surgery to the other areas of the eye, including the ‘crow’s feet’ wrinkles at the sides of the eye. Some people combine lower eye bag surgery with upper eyelid lift procedures to enhance the appearance around the eyes. When done together, these procedures can have a remarkable effect on the appearance of the eye area, which makes the whole face appear younger.

Removing eye bags will nearly always be done under a general anaesthetic, which means you will be asleep throughout the procedure. The surgeon makes an incision at the lower lash line in order to remove any excess fat and will then stretch the skin back to ensure a smooth finish. After stitching the incision back together, the surgeon will also remove any excess skin.

What to Expect After Surgery
The recovery from the procedure is normally one to two weeks, and during this time you will need to rest and avoid bending down. You might be given eye ointment to apply. You will also have an ice pack to apply to the area to help keep the swelling down. It is a good idea to wear dark glasses after surgery to keep the sun from irritating the area and to disguise the bruising which will inevitably occur.

Another important step is to keep your head raised on pillows when lying down for four or five days. Stitches will be removed around five days after surgery, and you should stay off work for at least a week. Make sure you have someone around the house to help you after surgery so you do not need to bend down and do anything strenuous for a few weeks.

The Results
Most people are thrilled with their appearance after having eye bag surgery, as it makes such a difference not only to the eye area but to the whole face. The eyes are such an important part of our looks, so any positive change can work wonders not only physically but also in terms of increased self-confidence

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