Welcome to the World of the Tweakment

11 Nov 2019

What is a tweakment? Tweakment has been one of 2019's biggest buzzwords in the world of minimally invasive cosmetic surgery. There are several options available for women who are looking to enhance their natural beauty that does not have to involves weeks of rehabilitation. Welcome to the world of the tweakment. 


Trends over the past few years in cosmetic surgery have seen the different results our patients come to us looking for changing throughout the years. Cosmetic surgery in whichever form is more normalised (please do not read trivialised) as it was in previous years. Women and men look to cosmetic surgery to tweak little areas of unhappiness that they personally feel they have with their appearance, rather than drastically change how they look. The trend appears to have moved away, thankfully, from overfilled lips and puffy dermal fillers. Patients these days come to Elanic for us to enhance not change what they already have, they are looking for subtle improvement from our highly qualified team. Ultimately people just want to look like themselves but perhaps a more refreshed versions and that is what we are here to provide. 

It is not just injectables or laser treatments where our patients are looking for a more natural look when it comes to breast enlargement in Glasgow also - we offer anatomical implants or fat grafting which provide a subtle result. If you are are interested in hearing more about the breast augmentation treatments we provide please contact us via the online form. 

One of the most popular tweakment procedures we offer at Elanic is our laser resurfacing. The C0RE2 laser resurfacing treatment is a method of removing the superficial layers of skin so that a new, healthier, younger-looking skin can form. This treatment can also lift and tighten, remove fine lines and scarring and give you a refreshed, rejuvenated look. This treatment does have some downtime as your skin will have the look of sunburn for a few days but it is a highly effective procedure. 

Tweakments help address the emotional aspect of the way you feel about yourself in a more subtle way than a facelift,” agrees Alice Hart-Davis, author of The Tweakments Guide: Fresher Face. “I know first-hand they can make such a difference to your confidence.

Another hugely popular, minimally invasive treatment available at Elanic are our dermal filler packages. Designed and carried out by our highly experienced nurse practitioners dermal fillers can bring a subtle enhancement to your existing facial structure and lift and fill areas which have lost their natural volume. Elanic has partnered with several of the biggest dermal filler providers in the market, bringing you the best and most leading-edge filler products. Dermal fillers can be the ultimate tweakment and can be used to define a jawline, lift the cheeks, banish under-eye bags and smooth bumps in the nose. That is just to name a few uses for these injectables. Most of these treatments will take no longer than an hour and require minimal downtime. You must go to a reputable and qualified injector such as Elanic when looking at any dermal filler treatments. 

Probably the most popular tweakment we offer here at Elanic is our range of anti-wrinkle products. Not only can they be used to rid yourself of wrinkle, but they can also be used to stop excess sweating or to help with those who grind their teeth. A truly remarkable product. Anti-wrinkle is one of the popular non-surgical facial treatments as it has reliable results, it is relatively quick to carry out the procedure and in terms of pain, it is most definitely bearable. 

If you would like to learn more and perhaps book in for one of the non-surgical treatments we offer here at Elanic, please call the clinic on 0141 332 5106 or contact us via the online form. 

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