How to Make Your Fillers Last Longer

12 Jul 2018

Dermal fillers in Glasgow, the effective non-surgical way of smoothing out lines and wrinkles and making the skin appear firmer, typically last around nine months, but there are steps you can take to make them last longer.

How to make fillers last longer

The injections of hyaluronic acid, which reduce the loss of facial volume, are now a popular treatment for those looking to diminish forehead creases, sunken jowls and laughter lines, but many patients don’t know what to do get a longer-lasting effect.

Fillers should last between six and nine months, but this depends on your skin, the type of filler and the way your practitioner has used it. After six to nine months, the effects of the fillers start to weaken until your skin eventually returns to how it was pre-treatment. Because the skin is not made to hold the collagen and other filler substances once the natural collagen degrades, this means effects disappear.

There is no need to use any particular products to protect the treatment, but if you want to increase their effect and length, you might like to try the following.

Avoid Sun and Heat Exposure
As heat increases blood flow, this could lead to collagen being flushed through your system quicker and shortening the amount of time it lasts. Use plenty of sunblock before going outside, even if it appears cloudy, as it’s well known that harmful UV rays accelerate the ageing process.

Don’t Exercise Too Much
Aerobic activity which increases the heart rate can lead to the material used in filler being flushed out the body quicker, so try to keep your heart rate low, at least for the first week or two after your injections.

Take Care of Your Skin
Make sure you continue your skincare regime, using moisturiser at least twice a day, and drink plenty of water to keep the skin hydrated. A good skincare routine will help your fillers to last longer, and your surgeon may recommend a moisturiser which contains retinol, peptides or vitamin C.

Don’t Have Facials
Massage and pressure from a facial can cause filler material to dissipate at a quicker rate. Fillers last longer when there is less facial movement, so avoiding over-manipulation of the areas injected will stop them breaking down.

Anti-Wrinkle Treatment
A study carried out by a Turkish university claims that the effect of dermal fillers can be maximised by combing them with injections of anti-wrinkle treatment. It’s a process called ‘chemodenervation’, where the anti-wrinkle product prolongs the life of soft tissue fillers through the way it reduces muscle contractions.

Raise Your Pillows
Sleeping with your head elevated decreases the amount of blood flow to the injected areas.

Maintain the Treatment
Schedule an appointment with your practitioner to have your fillers re-done before the effect fully wears off, as it is better to maintain them rather than start from scratch.

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