How to Decide Which Size Breast Implants Are Right for You

12 Jul 2018

Having made the decision to proceed with breast augmentation, a vital question to consider is what size your implants should be. As women differ in size, so do the implants available.

How to decide which

Ideally, you want to choose implants that will provide a shape and size that you love and will complement your frame. When making your choice, it is important to do some research, as there are a few things to keep in mind. Discussing your choice beforehand with your surgeon is also recommended, although he or she will not know as much as you do about your lifestyle and the kind of figure that will make you satisfied. The size of breast implants ranges from 100 up to 1,000 cubic centimetres (cc). One millilitre, which is about one-third of an ounce, is equivalent to one cc of fluid. The most popular sizes for implants fall in the range of 300cc to 400cc; however, it is, of course, possible to go smaller or larger. As a breast is three dimensional, implants too have three dimensions and vary according to height and diameter.

It is fine to collect photographs of busts you admire to show your surgeon as an approximate guide. Avoid using cup sizes to make measurements, as these can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. If your surgeon has samples of implants, try them to see how they look.

Other factors to consider include your build. If you are a slender build, increasing the size of your breasts will have a bigger impact. They may attract more attention, especially from men, and you should be prepared for this. It is easier for women who have a larger frame to support breasts of a larger size, not only aesthetically but also physically. Big breasts can be heavy and sometimes small-framed women find the weight of large breasts makes them uncomfortable or gives them back pain; in addition, a good choice of size will be proportional to your build. Bigger is not always better, so conducting adequate research of your own is the best way to ensure a new bust line that is ideal in every way.

Your age is another factor to bear in mind, especially if you plan to have children. Some women have concerns about breastfeeding, although there should be no problems if the implants are inserted through the armpit or an incision under the breast. Breasts change a lot in size during pregnancy, however, and it could be better to wait until after your last child is born to guarantee to achieve the size you want.

Studies have indicated that a significant number of corrective surgeries on breast implants are to change the size of original implants; apparently, women can lack confidence in an initial choice and pick a size that is a little small. Once they are accustomed to these implants, they frequently return to the surgeon to get bigger ones.

One way of trying out different sizes at home is put some rice in plastic bags and wear them in a bra, with a measuring cup of uncooked rice equal to between 230cc and 240cc. Wearing bags of rice will give you an idea of how different sizes look and feel, and you can experiment with different volumes.

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