How Often Can I Have Lip Enhancement Injections?

12 Jul 2018

Full pouts are having a fashion moment right now, but luscious lips have always been considered a very attractive feature on most women (and even some men). Sadly, as we get older, we generally produce less collagen, the protein which gives lips their youthful plumpness, and lips can get thinner or even lose their definition.

How often can I have lip injections

Lips are sensitive to the sun, and lines around the mouth, combined with the lips losing volume, are some of the first signs of ageing. Fortunately, modern cosmetic procedures can address this with lip enhancement, also known as lip fillers or lip augmentation. Lip enhancement can add volume to your lips, improve their shape and contours and redefine their outline. The effects of lip enhancement are not permanent, so you do not have to worry about being stuck with changes that you don’t like. The effects will need to be maintained with top-ups – depending on the approach – so if you are not happy with the results of a treatment, your lips will eventually subside. Because lip enhancement is an ongoing process, it is possible to experiment with different volumes and contours before deciding which look suits you best. If you are nervous about embracing a big change, you can choose to enhance your lips in subtle increments.

Lip enhancement is growing rapidly in popularity, as the treatment only takes about half an hour and you see the results straight away. Lip enhancement is generally painless, and apart from minimal swelling, there is no recovery period required. Lip enhancement is a treatment that could possibly be slotted in after work or even during a lunch break.

The first step is a consultation at the cosmetic surgery clinic, where your lips will be assessed and a treatment plan devised. You will discuss with your practitioner the changes you would like to see in volume and/or definition. At the appointment itself, you will go over the procedure with the practitioner, who will numb your lips with some topical anaesthetic cream. The practitioner will inject the filler into the lips using a fine needle and may massage it a little for evenness.

Hyaluronic acid is a very successful lip enhancer, as it is naturally occurring in our connective tissue and is a significant component of the skin and its framework. It plays a vital role in preserving moisture, as one molecule can hold about a thousand times its weight of water. It can act as a kind of sponge, holding moisture and increasing plumpness, which makes it an excellent substance for lip augmentation, and the effects can last up to a year.

Hyaluronic acid is eventually reabsorbed by the body, so the enhancement will disappear over time. Everyone is different, and how long the fillers last will be influenced by how much is injected, your lifestyle and the rate at which hyaluronic acid is metabolised in your body. Some fillers may need to be topped up after six months, and the lips can be augmented again even before then if the initial plumping was subtle and you want more. The important thing is to choose an expert practitioner who uses high-quality filler and takes the time and care to give you the lips you want.

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