How Do Gummy Bear Implants Feel?

12 Jul 2018

Gummy bear implants are a new type of breast implant. Made of cohesive gel and stable in form, they provide an alternative implant for women looking to surgically enhance their breasts. They are high-strength implants made of silicone gel; therefore, they are top of the range and can provide a natural feel and fit.

How do gummy bear implants feel

Shape and form
The terms ‘highly cohesive’ and ‘form stable’ simply mean that the gummy bear implant will hold its shape. Once in place, it will maintain its form, meaning that the breast tissue is supported in the same shape without any movement or alteration throughout its lifecycle. Despite the form stable construction, the gummy bear implant is very soft to touch, which makes it feel natural.

Compared with silicone implants or saline implants, the gummy bear implant will hold its original shape for longer. Other types of implant are affected by gravity and the natural shape of the woman’s breast tissue; in contrast, the gummy bear implants have their own designated shape to which the breast tissue will conform, rather than the other way around.

No rippling or folding
Unlike with other types of implant, the rippling or folding effect that can happen to the saline or silicone is much less likely to occur with gummy bear implants. This is because the filling of the implant does not move around inside; instead, it stays in its original shape thanks to its tight molecular bonds.

Saline implants can break and the liquid can leak out; in contrast, gummy bear implants are mostly solid and cannot really leak. The breaks that occur in other implants are usually down folded lines; however, the gummy bear implant does not tend to get folds or ripples.

Less visible scar tissue
Another benefit of this type of implant is that women tend to find the scar tissue is less firm than after having other types of implant inserted. No one is quite sure why, but this could be because the breast tissue does not contract around the implant as much as with other materials, as it is much firmer.

All these benefits of the gummy bear implant mean that many more women are choosing this type over other types, such as saline or silicone. Gummy bear implants not only give the same sort of great shape as other implants but also, they are better at retaining it over time; therefore, you are less likely to need further surgery to replace or move the implant once it is in position. They are also safer in many ways, as they are more solid and do not leak; in addition, they are less likely to leave large scars. Finally, the feel of gummy bear implants is soft and natural, just like real breast tissue.

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