Covid-19 Rapid Antibody Testing

covid-19 testing glasgow

Elanic commence Covid-19 Rapid Antibody Testing 

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Elanic fully supports WHO in the recommendation that testing is key in the fight against this pandemic. 

We have been in touch with the NHS regarding the roll-out of tests however due to the nature of the NHS this is taking longer than we feel is necessary. Therefore we are launching an independent service at the moment to offer to test the to people of Glasgow with the hope that we can support the NHS when they are ready. 

All tests used in this process have been sourced from a UK pharmacy, have CE marking and have peer-reviewed clinical papers to support them. They are being used by other Governments such as Australia.

We do not want anyone travelling from areas further out for testing at present and will be adhering to strict social distancing guidelines so the appointments in the clinic will be restricted. 

Please call 0141 332 5106 to book.

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