Facial Feminisation Treatments

Elanic’s specialist maxillofacial surgeons offer our FFS service.  A unique variety of cosmetic procedures, facial feminisation that can help our transgender patients in their transition via a variety of procedures. 

Tracheal Shave

Tracheal shave, also known as "Adams Apple" reduction surgery is performed in those patients who wish to decrease the appearance or size of their Adams Apple which is often much more prominent in those assigned male at birth.

Facial Feminisation Surgery (FFS)

The first stage in the facial feminisation is your consultation with the surgeon and this is where you can discuss your desired outcomes and come to an agreement with your surgeon on what you require and what this will entail in terms of recovery and the surgery.

Success stories

“I am more outgoing; I socialise more. I have totally changed as a person and everybody else sees the difference!  After the operation I thought. This is exactly how I was meant to look.”

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