Laser Treatments

Elanic is a centre of excellence for laser treatments from laser hair removal to state of the art non-invasive fat removal.

Hair Removal

Laser hair removal - as opposed to IPL (intense pulsed light) - is the most successful method of long-term hair reduction and you can expect up to 90 percent hair removal in as little as six treatments.

Active Acne Treatment

Active acne at any age can cause a great deal of emotional upset and lead people to feel terribly self-conscious.

From £75

Acne Scaring Treatment

Acne scarring can be a very disfiguring condition that causes a psychological upset – so rest assured that our specialists at Elanic in Glasgow will do all they can to help.

From £1,250

Facial Tightening

Age causes the facial contours to soften and sag but the good news is that there are many ways to help reverse the signs of ageing.

From £175

Sun Damage Rejuvenation

Often being starved of sunshine in the UK we do tend to be careless when it does eventually shine or we jet off to sunnier shores - and this can lead to sun damaged skin.

From £200

Leg Thread Vein Removal

At Elanic we have created an integrated system to assess and treat leg veins from the smallest thread veins to larger varicose veins.

From £250

Mole Removal

While most skin lesions and moles are perfectly harmless, they can be unsightly, disfiguring, worrisome or irritating. Some skin lesions are more sinister and may be cancerous.

From £370

Success stories

“I am more outgoing; I socialise more. I have totally changed as a person and everybody else sees the difference!  After the operation I thought. This is exactly how I was meant to look.”

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