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Weight loss surgery

Liposuction surgery

For many people carrying excess weight may simply seem to be a “cosmetic or body image” issue but it can be much more serious than that. With the current high profile of Obesity in the UK the risk factors associated with carrying excess weight are well known and publicised. At Elanic we take an empathetic approach with our patients and try to understand some of the underlying issues that may be contributing to their current condition, we never judge.

Weight loss surgery must never be the first option, it is a high cost treatment and it is not without risk and we will ensure that all of our patients have tried the range of diet and exercise programs to manage their weight before considering surgery. Working with our partner private hospital we offer an integrated care programs to help you prepare for surgery and to adapt your lifestyle and eating habits after surgery. The surgery alone will not fix or cure you weight issue it will help you to make the necessary modifications in your lifestyle that will allow you to manage your weight down to a target level and keep it there. If you need Weight Loss Surgery, also sometime known as Bariatric Surgery, we can offer the following options:

Gastric balloon

The gastric balloon is a temporary solution to encourage weight loss. It is the non-surgical weight loss alternative for people who want an intense period of weight loss and who understand that they must keep to a sensible eating programme after their balloon is removed. The balloon works by partially filling your stomach so that you feel less hungry, fuller quicker, and helps you to change your relationship with food. It is left in place for a period of 6 months after which it is removed.

Gastric Banding

The Gastric Band is a small inflatable band that fits around the top of your stomach to restrict your food intake and control your hunger.

When the band is inflated it creates a small upper stomach pouch and a narrowed outlet, limiting the stomach’s capacity to intake food and increasing the feeling of fullness. The combination of these two effects normally results in significant weight loss. You will need to attend follow up consultations with your surgeon and a dietician to monitor your progress and your weight loss. It is also likely that during the first two years you will require to have band fill adjustments made as your weight profile changes.

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