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Skin cancer

Laser Skin Cancer Treatment In Glasgow

Skin cancers tend to arise following sun exposure, especially in patients who have previously been sunburnt. The vast majority of skin lesions prove to be harmless and even the vast majority of skin cancers will not cause any further problems once they have been removed. Only a very small percentage go on to give further problems but it is very important that you seek an opinion if you are at all worried about a skin cancer lesion.

You can either book an appointment to see your GP, who will then send a letter to refer you to a hospital doctor, who will see you and recommend whether you will need to return for an operation or, alternatively, you can book an appointment with one of our experienced team and we will carry out treatment for you without delay.

How can skin cancer treatment help me?

Except for some benign lesions that can be treated by laser, the majority of skin cancer lesions will need removing, which will leave a scar. It is important that the person you choose to remove a lesion gives you the best scar possible. By choosing an experienced consultant plastic surgeon from our team at Elanic in Glasgow, you can rest assured that you are in experienced hands.

Scars can be red initially and take a year or so to settle and fade. Some people scar more than others and occasionally thick bulky scars or painful, itchy scars can result.

How can I tell if a mole is cancerous?

  • Asymmetry – asymmetric moles
  • Irregular border – a mole with an indistinct edge
  • Excoriation – bleeding and raw moles
  • Irregular colour – a mole with different shades within it
  • Large diameter – large moles have more chance of being cancerous
  • Elevation – moles raised off the skin surface may become cancerous

If your mole has changed in any way or shows signs of any of the factors above, you should seek a medical opinion urgently. Prompt treatment is important if you think you have any type of skin cancer.

Fore more information about mole removal, please click here.

Prices from £950 (removal of cancerous mole) - Book a Consultation