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Scar revision

Scar Revision and Permanent Scars Treatment In Glasgow

All injuries and operations leave permanent scars. In most cases scars heal well but sometimes they can be disfiguring, sore, itchy or indented. Although it is impossible to make a scar disappear, with expert help it is possible to improve them.

Once a scar has formed it cannot be removed. Most scars fade with time leaving a fine, pale line that is hard to see. But if your scar is indented, raised, red and fiery, or has become thick, bulky and painful, then please don’t suffer in silence - speak to one of our experienced consultant plastic surgeons.

How can scar revision help me?

Be your scar in a visible or hidden place on your body, if it is unsightly then it’s likely to cause you distress and possibly discomfort too.

Our Consultant Plastic Surgeons in Glasgow can improve on the scar you have, leaving a finer more delicate one that will settle better. Indented scars can be treated with fat injections or laser resurfacing, and red scars can also be faded with a laser. Thick and bulky scars may be improved using special silicone dressings or steroid injections. Sometimes surgical correction and re-orientation may be required.

If you have an unsightly or painful scar and would like an opinion from one of our highly trained cosmetic consultants, please book a consultation.

Prices from £500 - Book a Consultation