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Prominent ear correction

Prominent Ear Correction Treatment In Glasgow

Many people have prominent ears. Some have been fortunate enough to have had theirs corrected in childhood, whilst many others live with the stigma for years. Girls and women often grow their hair long to disguise the problem but many boys and teenagers, feeling unable to do this, become increasingly self-conscious the older they get. Patients tend to be very satisfied with the results after their ear surgery. The correction of prominent ears can be a very rewarding procedure at any age and is something we will certainly consider for teenagers.

How do you correct prominent ears?

The correction of prominent ears can be carried out in a single day, without the need for an overnight stay in hospital. The operation involves making an incision along the back of the ear, adjusting the cartilage and stitching the skin back together.

Our cosmetic surgeons prefer a modern technique that uses stitches and the body’s own tissue to give a better contour to the finished result. Unlike others, our surgeons use glue to minimise stitching or the need for bulky, uncomfortable dressings.

Prominent ear correction surgery leaves scars on the back of the ear, which in most patients are well hidden with the new position of the ears. However, scarring is very individual and very occasionally bulky scars may result. This is known as keloid scarring and will be discussed with you at your consultation.

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