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Nipple correction

Nipple Correction Surgery In Glasgow

Women with inverted nipples - where the nipple points inwards instead of out - often feel self-conscious but many are unaware that a relatively simple procedure performed under local anaesthetic can make a significant improvement to the appearance of the nipple.

Both men and women can be affected by inverted nipples and up to 20 per cent of those with the condition are born with it. Some can experience just the one inverted nipple, for some both nipples are permanently inverted, and for others the nipples can protrude when stimulated. Breastfeeding can cause nipple inversion, as can sudden or major weight loss, and rarely breast cancer, which is why at Elanic you will be seen by a surgeon with experience treating breast cancer patients, so that this can be excluded.

How can nipple correction surgery help me?

If you feel embarrassed by your inverted nipples, then please speak to one of our cosmetic surgeons who will be happy to explain the procedure to you in detail.

Inverted nipple correction surgery at Elanic Glasgow involves dividing the ducts that are pulling the nipple in so that the nipple can be repositioned. Our surgeons use a special technique to divide only the shortest ducts and keep as many as possible intact so that the ability to breastfeed is maximised but this may still reduce a woman’s ability to breastfeed. A small piece of skin is then placed under the nipple to keep it in the out position.

If you would like an appointment to meet with one of our cosmetic surgeons to discuss nipple correction surgery please click here.

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