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Mummy makeover

Mummy Makeover Surgery In Glasgow

Being pregnant and having children can play havoc with our bodies! After we have had children, our bodies change forever and no amount of diet and exercise can bring back exactly the figures we once had.

If you crave your pre-pregnancy breasts, stomach and face then the Mummy Makeover from Elanic Glasgow is ideal.

How can a Mummy Makeover help me?

After childbirth and breastfeeding our breasts tend to sag and lose tissue, our tummies bulge due to lax muscles and our faces can show the signs of all those sleepless nights.

Whether you have only had your first child or whether your family is complete, cosmetic surgery after childbirth can help you get back the body you once had. The Mummy Makeover is popular in the United States, especially in Los Angeles, and involves having a single operation to improve the different parts of your body affected by pregnancy and rearing children.

It typically involves a breast lift - with or without breast implants - to improve sagging breasts and restore them back to their previous pertness, a mini tummy tuck to tighten up those stretched abdominal muscles, and a facial peel to restore your youthful appearance.

Prices from (depend on areas) from £7820 - Book a Consultation