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Labiaplasty Surgery In Glasgow

Labiaplasty cosmetic surgery is the surgical correction of the labia. The labia is the skin either side of the entrance to your vagina and if this is excessively long it can cause embarrassment and get in the way during sex.

The vast majority of patients are very happy with the results of labiaplasty, which leaves them with more attractive, youthful labia that don’t hinder sex.

How will labiaplasty help me?

The traditional technique of simply cutting away the extra skin and stitching the labia back together can leave a painful scar that can look unattractive and cause additional sexual problems.

Our experienced consultant plastic surgeons in Glasgow never perform this technique, preferring instead to take the extra skin from further back and leaving either no scar or just a short scar over the end of the labia. We believe this contemporary technique improves the cosmetic and functional outcome.

Your surgeon will tailor your operation because we believe no one procedure fits all. Rest assured that the specific labiaplasty technique our surgeons decide is best for you will provide the most aesthetically pleasing and functional result.

What are the benefits of labiaplasty?

  • The delicate procedure cam be carried out in one day
  • Improved sex that’s unhindered by long labia
  • Our technique leaves hidden scars – or no scars at all
  • We use dissolving stitches eliminating the need to have painful stitches removed
  • Experienced surgeons tailor treatment to your specific needs

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