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Forehead lift

Forehead Lift Surgery In Glasgow

When we age the skin and muscles on our foreheads stretch and this causes the eyebrows to lower and the eyelids to droop. In a sub-conscious effort to correct this many of us lift our eyebrows slightly all the time – but this unfortunately leads to wrinkling of the forehead.

If you are concerned about any of these signs of ageing, then a forehead lift carried out by our consultant plastic surgeons could be the answer. Forehead lifts are a long-lasting solution that can dramatically improve the way you look.

What can I expect from a forehead lift?

Traditionally forehead lifts involved your surgeon making a large incision along the hairline. However, at Elanic Glasgow, we use a special magnifying telescope called an endoscope to allow the forehead to be elevated using just a few small incisions in the hair. This makes the scars very difficult to see, as well as leading to a quicker, more comfortable recovery.

To put the eyebrows back into position requires the use of a brow lift. There are four types of brow lift available; the right one for you will be discussed at your consultation and will depend on the type of problem you have:

  1. Very mild descent of the outer part of the eyebrow
    This can be improved with a silhouette thread, similar to that used in the 1 stitch facelift
  2. Descent of only the outer part of the eyebrow
    This can be improved with a brow lift that is performed through the same incision as in an upper eyelid lift and allows the brow to be suspended higher
  3. Descent of the whole eyebrow
    This is best treated with an endoscopic brow lift using keyhole surgery from inside the hairline. Treatment requires general anaesthesia at a private hospital
  4. Descent of the whole eyebrow combined with lots of forehead wrinkles and a long forehead
    This is unusual and often needs a direct brow lift which is a technique that leaves a long scar but produces very effective results

Most people are best treated with one of the less invasive techniques above and this can be done under local anaesthetic.

A forehead lift will give you a more youthful appearance. Although you will continue to age following the procedure, you will still see the benefits of your operation for many years to come.

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