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Fat transfer breast enlargement

Fat Transfer Breast Enlargement In Glasgow

Following extensive investigation this pioneering technique has now been authorised for use in the UK - and Elanic Glasgow is proud to be one of the first clinics in the country to offer it.

This exciting new technique takes fat from one area and uses it to enlarge, improve or even uplift your breasts. There are some great advantages to fat transfer breast enlargement; it is entirely natural, so there is no foreign material within the body, you don’t need a general anaesthetic, and treatment results in a very natural look and feel to the enlarged breast. You also receive gentle liposuction where the excess fat is removed from, typically the tummy or thighs, so that area is improved too.

Treatment can be used to:

  • Moderately increase the cup size of the breasts
  • Correct a size discrepancy between the breasts
  • Replace lost breast tissue after pregnancy and breast feeding
  • Restore and fill indentations and scars

How can fat transfer breast enlargement help me?

Fat transfer breast enlargement at Elanic Glasgow is an option if you want to increase the size of your breasts by one or two cup sizes.

The procedure can be carried out under local anaesthetic (or general anaesthetic if you would prefer) and takes a little over an hour to complete. Unlike other artificial fillers, fat is entirely natural with nothing added and is your own tissue. Of the fat injected around two thirds survives, so a further top up may be required.

Once you are happy with your new breast size and shape it is highly unlikely that you would need future operations unless you change weight drastically as the fat injected into the breasts will remain in situ, unlike with breast implant surgery, where future surgery is eventually necessary for most people.

Fat injections can be used to improve other areas of the body, such as the cheeks. For more information, click here.

Vectra 3D Simulation

Now available for the first time in Glasgow, Vectra 3D Photography takes a three dimensional photograph of your body and allows you to see how you will look after breast fat grafting. You can see yourself from all angles and with or without clothes so you can know if fat grafting is for you.

3D photo pre fat grafting 

Representation after fat grafting using Vectra

Prices from £4800

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