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Fat injections

Fat Injections and Fat-enhanced augmentation In Glasgow

Probably the most exciting development in plastic surgery over the last few years has been the growth in fat injections, also known as fat-enhanced augmentation. Pioneered by the American plastic surgeon Dr Sydney Coleman and honed by the consultant plastic surgeons at Elanic Glasgow, the technique involves removing fat from one part of the body through gentle liposuction and injecting it into another.

Fat-enhanced augmentation can be used to increase the volume in the breasts or cheeks and can be used to fill indentations, such as near the eyes, or indented scars.

What are the benefits of fat injections?

Fat injections at our state-of-the-art cosmetic clinic in the heart of Glasgow have the advantage that they are entirely natural and your own tissue, with nothing added. Fat injections are soft and result in a very natural look and feel. They can be used to sculpt various different areas, so could be used to give the look of high cheekbones for instance, and in comparison with dermal fillers the procedure is longer lasting, so it doesn’t need repeating every few months.

  • Used to re-volumise the facial features such as the eyes and cheeks
  • They are entirely natural, so there is no foreign material within the body
  • Results in a very natural look and feel
  • The procedure is carried out with local anaesthetic
  • Two areas are improved - the site of the liposuction and the area re-injected

What does fat-enhanced augmentation involve?

A small incision is used to remove and re-inject the fat and in many cases this can be hidden, for example inside the belly button. When injecting a large volume of fat into the breasts, the amount of liposuction required gives the added benefit of reducing the size of the stomach or thighs, as well as making the breasts bigger.

The fat being injected has a high concentration of stem cells, these are the cells that your body normally grows from, and they have a repairing function leading to better quality skin in the area being injected.

Once the fat has been injected into its new location it needs to establish a new blood supply to survive. About two thirds usually succeed, so you may notice that some of the injected volume has been lost. Our specialist cosmetic surgeons compensate for this but it may be necessary to repeat the treatment. To allow for this we reduce the price of repeat treatments.

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