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Breast uplift

Breast Uplift Surgery In Glasgow

Breast uplift surgery is used to improve the appearance of droopy breasts by restoring their original pertness. At Elanic Glasgow, we understand that breast uplift treatment is a very personal procedure that results in most women expressing satisfaction with their new breasts. Most women undergoing a breast uplift do so entirely for themselves - often their partners don’t even fully understand their desire for treatment.

How can a breast uplift help me?

If you have saggy breasts but like the size they are within a bra then a breast uplift may be the most appropriate and effective procedure for you.

You may have noticed that you have more skin on your breasts than breast tissue and this can cause the breasts to sag and the nipples to point down. This may be due to reduction in breast volume after pregnancy or may be something that developed as you matured. Some women feel extremely embarrassed about having droopy breasts, even more than having small breasts, so it is not surprising that many women seek an operation to correct this.

Three different types of breast uplift can be carried out by Elanic’s highly experienced consultant plastic surgeons, depending on the degree of droopiness. The procedure can result in some scarring but rest assured that our surgeons are adept at minimizing scarring wherever possible, to leave you with beautifully pert breasts.

There are many different ways to perform a breast uplift and this depends on the size and shape of your breasts. Your cosmetic surgeon will examine you and following the consultation will recommend a type of uplift that will give you the best result. A breast uplift doesn’t last forever and gravity or pregnancy will affect the shape. However, the operation can be repeated.


Before and After Breast Uplift

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