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Breast reduction

Cosmetic Breast Reduction In Glasgow

Large breasts can make you feel self-conscious - not to mention the effect they can have on your posture. You may also suffer physical symptoms from having large breasts, such as backache and find they limit your ability to wear the clothes you want or play certain sports.

Most women are extremely happy with their new breasts following breast reduction, which is cited as one of the most satisfying of all surgical procedures. Women often report an improvement in shoulder, neck and back pain, an improved stance and better self-esteem and confidence.

What can I expect from breast reduction surgery?

Cosmetic breast reduction reduces the size and reshapes large breasts. The procedure involves removing the extra breast tissue and skin and adjusting the remaining breast to a more aesthetically-pleasing shape.

There are different ways to reduce the breast. All techniques remove breast tissue and skin and therefore leave scars but our surgeons at Elanic are skilled at using the latest techniques to reduce scarring.

The benefits:

  • Considerably reduce the size of the breasts
  • Helps boost self-esteem and confidence
  • Improve the shape of large breasts
  • Our surgeons are skilled at minimising scarring
  • Long Lasting results (However this can be influenced by pregnancy and weight gain)
  • Can help reduce back, neck and shoulder pain and improve posture

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