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Arm lift

Arm Lift and Upper Arm Surgery In Glasgow

As we get older the spring and tautness of our skin diminishes and regardless of our shape or weight this can leave us with sagging arms, sometimes known as bingo wings. Our cosmetic consultants in Glasgow are delighted to offer surgical or non-surgical arm reduction treatments that can vastly improve how you feel.

Arm lift solutions at Elanic aesthetic clinic in Glasgow

Traditionally, an arm lift or brachioplasty operation was the only reliable way of reducing the size of the upper arms. It still gives the best results in terms of amount of tissue removed but at the expense of a long scar, which can be difficult to hide.

At Elanic Clinic we are using Smart Lipo Triplex to remove fat from the arms whilst also causing some skin tightening. We have invested in the most advanced equipment available and are among only a handful of clinics in the whole of the UK to offer Smart Lipo Triplex Liposuction.

The advantage of using Smart Lipo Triplex is that it involves minimal scarring. However in some patients the skin of the arms has been so stretched that it can no longer contract and shrink after the fat has been removed and for these patients a surgical removal of the skin and fat is required. For clients with lots of extra skin and fat we are now increasingly combining Triplex treatment with surgical removal as the use of the laser reduces the length of the scar required and this new technique is becoming increasingly popular.

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