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Mole removal and skin lesions

Mole Removal And Skin Lesions In Glasgow

While most skin lesions and moles are perfectly harmless, they can be unsightly, disfiguring, worrisome or irritating. Some skin lesions are more sinister and may be cancerous. Skin cancers, especially melanoma, can be fatal if left alone, so if you are unsure about a skin lesion it is best to see a consultant plastic surgeon or dermatologist without delay. You can make a consultation with one of our consultants who will be happy to examine the lesion and remove it without delay if there is any suspicion of skin cancer.

How can mole removal help me?

At Elanic we have a one-stop clinic for moles where you will be seen and the options for removal discussed with you. If you are happy to go ahead then the treatment can be carried out straightaway in most cases. Suspicious moles can only be removed surgically as a specimen must be sent for pathology for analysis. Before you seek treatment for any mole it should be seen by a consultant plastic surgeon or dermatologist to determine that it is benign, so that treatment can be carried out.

There are different ways to remove a benign mole but we only suggest the following because the results are clinically more effective:

C02 laser ablation

This technique effectively vapourises the mole and tends to leave the best possible scar. In fact in many cases the scar is almost indiscernible after treatment. This treatment is highly specialised and you should always make sure you have been examined by a consultant plastic surgeon or dermatologist before going ahead as a melanoma should never be treated this way.

Surgical removal

In some cases the size or location of the mole means that it is better removed surgically. Ideally a consultant plastic surgeon is the best-qualified and more experienced practitioner to make this decision. At your appointment at Elanic your consultant plastic surgeon will discuss the options with you and surgery can be carried out in our state-of-the-art operating theatres.

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