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I Lipo Xcell fat reduction

Liposuction surgery

As one of Scotland’s leading body contouring clinics, Elanic offers you multiple methods of body contouring and fat removal. Whether it is surgical laser liposuction treatment or fat transfer breast or buttock enlargement you are after, we can advise you. Elanic is excited to be one of the first clinics in the UK to offer I Lipo Xcell® by Chromogenex.

I Lipo Xcell® is a revolutionary treatment that removes fat without the need for surgery. Currently taking America by storm and reported to be used by celebrities such as Jessica Alba and Khloe Kardashian, the device uses several techniques to fight fat. Initially multiple low level diode lasers encourage fat cells to shrink then multipolar RF coupled with laser and vacuum massage help to smooth the skin and reduce cellulite.

Supercharge your exercise regime

If you currently go to the gym or are contemplating the gym then I Lipo Xcell® can enhance your exercise regime by encouraging fat locked up in fat cells to be converted to its liquid constituents which the body finds much easier to burn off during exercise.

How is I Lipo Xcell® carried out?

The full Xcell treatment is carried out in three stages, firstly measurements of your circumference are taken and the machine works out your essential fat level (the amount you need to survive) and your additional fat stores (which we want to reduce). The second stage involves the placement of pads on the skin, each one containing 9 separate low level diode lasers. These are used for 20 minutes in each area. The next stage involves a combination of vacuum massage, further laser treatment and multi polar radiofrequency which heats and tightens the skin. Lastly your measurements are retaken and you will be shown how much of a difference just one treatment makes. By combining a course of treatments with regular exercise and a healthy diet you should be able to see a steady weight reduction.

How does I Lipo Xcell® compare to Liposuction and non-invasive body shaping devices (e.g Velashape, Smoothshapes and Ultrashape)?

I Lipo Xcell®, Liposuction and body shaping devices work differently and are good at treating different areas of the body. Most clinics will offer only one or maybe two of these but at Elanic, one of Scotland’s leading body contouring clinics, we offer all three options. By booking in for a consultation with one of our consultants or nurses we will be able to advise you on which technique is best for you

Prices from £75 for I Lipo Inch Loss and £800 for a course of 8 I Lipo Xcell - Book a Consultation

Actual Elanic Patients:

before and after iLIpo xcell

"Libby is always happy and friendly. Very happy my treatments of the xcell. Thank you elanic" I Lipo patient May 2014

patient 2 front before and after i lipo xcell

patient 2 lateral before and after ilipo xcell

"The ilipo has worked great. Thank you " I Lipo Patient March 2014

Ilipo in use