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Eyelash Growth

Dermal Roller Skin Renewal Treatment In Glasgow

Many women would like longer, thicker eyelashes. Mascara can give the impression of thicker lashes and fake eyelashes can give you longer lashes but nothing substitutes for your own eyelashes being thicker, darker and longer.

At Elanic we are delighted to offer a prescription-only treatment for eyelashes clinically proven to increase length, thickness and depth of colour of your lashes.

This treatment:

  • Is prescribed by a Consultant Ophthalmologist
  • Is applied daily with a brush, just like eyeliner
  • Is widely used in the USA and is authorised by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA)
  • Elanic are one of the first clinics in the UK to offer this revolutionary and proven treatment
  • American studies have shown:
    • Increase in eyelash length of up to 25%
    • Eyelash thickness more than doubles
    • Eyelash colour deepens

At Elanic you will see a Consultant Ophthalmologist who will prescribe the treatment for you. You will also be invited to have Visia scan to allow us to measure the increase in length of you lashes. After 4 months you should see a noticeable improvement in your lashes on Visia.

£195 for 3 months supply; also includes a consultation with Consultant Opthamologist and VISIA scan