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Active acne treatment

Laser Surgery

Active acne at any age can cause a great deal of emotional upset and lead people to feel terribly self-conscious. At Elanic’s cosmetic clinic in the heart of Glasgow city centre we have a variety of ways to improve active acne without the need for taking Roacutane, a drug that has many, long-lasting side effects.

What does active acne treatment involve?

For the treatment of active acne causing spots book an appointment with one of our nurses for a Skin Consultation. This is complimentary and they may suggest either laser treatment or changing your skin care regime. For complex cases they may suggest seeing one of our Consultant Dermatologists.

For post acne scarring we favour the revolutionary CO2RE Laser that makes thousands of microscopic holes into the skin and heats the deep skin layers. This leads to the formation of new collagen and a superficial resurfacing.

  • Facials - The skin experts at Elanic insist on only using the very best advanced skin care products on the market that are backed by clinical, scientific evidence. Our acne facial for acne suffers uses SkinCeuticals products for a premium treatment.

  • Obagi medical advanced skincare - These complete skin care systems are designed to deliver prescription ingredients into the skin at a cellular level to correct damage and increase cellular turnover, replacing the upper skin layer with new healthy cells and helping to restore normal skin function.

How can active acne treatment help me?

Please join us for an appointment with one of our nurses, dermatologists or consultant plastic surgeons who can recommend a bespoke skin care regime for you based on your skin type, age and type of acne that is designed to improve your skin and reduce breakouts.

Prices from £75