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Acne scarring treatment

Laser Surgery

Acne scarring can be a very disfiguring condition that causes psychological upset – so rest assured that the dermatologists and cosmetic specialists at Elanic in Glasgow will do all they can to help improve your appearance.

Elanic surgeons have more than a decade’s experience of treating acne scarring and we have invested in revolutionary technology to specifically help with this problem. The CO2RE Laser makes thousands of microscopic holes in the skin and heats the deep skin layers to encourage the formation of new collagen and superficial skin resurfacing.

How does acne scarring treatment work?

This highly effective laser treatment gives the combined benefit of improving scarring by tightening the skin and improving pigmentation by resurfacing.

The CO2RE system enables our cosmetic experts to precisely target and effectively treat the skin’s surface, middle, and deep dermal levels. You are very likely to see a difference after only one treatment and over the following days your skin will start to look softer, smoother and tighter. It is carried out using only local anaesthetic cream.

Traditional treatments such as medical dermabrasion or full ablative resurfacing runs the high risk of scarring, pigment change and a lengthy recovery period lasting months. Currently treatment in the NHS is limited to older style lasers which may cause burning of the facial skin leaving the patient with facial redness for up to six months.

If you would like to speak to one of our qualified dermatologists or cosmetic specialists, please book a consultation.

Prices from £650