Where Is Cosmetic Surgery Heading In 2015

The cosmetic surgery industry looks set to continue its upward trend in 2015, with experts predicting it will be worth £3.6 billion, compared to its £750 million-value in 2005.

The biggest growth is likely to be in the non-surgical sector, involving such procedures as laser hair removal, Botox and other anti-aging procedures. Debate also looks set to continue about legislation in this sector in the wake of the government’s 2014 response to the findings of an independent cosmetic surgery review.

Changes In Law?

Sir Bruce Keogh, the NHS’s medical director, recommended a raft of changes to the world of cosmetic surgery, such as fillers being made prescription-only and a compulsory register of practitioners being set up, but the government caused controversy by refusing to make these proposals into a reality. This disappointed many responsible cosmetic surgery practitioners and other medical professionals, who were keen to see an end to unprofessional and sometimes dangerous practices which have damaged the reputation of the industry in the past.

Controversy also looks set to continue in 2015 over the subject of female genital surgery. Theresa May, the current Home Secretary has joined the debate by opposing cosmetic procedures of this type and the UK industry body BAPRAS has announced its support of central regulation in a bid to prevent this kind of surgery being carried out unnecessarily and without the right level of concern for patients’ care and their individual needs

Whether 2015, will bring any change of heart in terms of regulation remains to be seen but the advice continues to be that people should only seek treatment from UK-based professional clinics and surgeons.

The Trends Of The Future

It is expected that procedure combinations will see a boom in popularity during 2015. This will involve more and more people opting for more than one procedure in order to secure themselves the best possible results.

Where Is Cosmetic Surgery Heading In 2015

The continuing craze for ‘selfie’ photographs also looks set to see a further increase in requests for facial procedures such as neck contouring, eyelid rejuvenation and rhinoplasty in order for people to look their best in their snaps. There also looks set to be an increasing number of people opting for blepharoplasty, or eye brightening, in a bid to turn back the hands of time.

The anti-aging business will also continue to grow. As people are living and staying active for longer, more and more people are looking to maintain their appearance and ward off the negative impact on looks that aging can have. A continuing growth in the social acceptance of cosmetic surgery is also making more people feel confident and free to request the procedures on offer.

There is also the growing realisation that cosmetic procedures do not necessarily require major surgery, if any surgical intervention is needed at all. Surgeons across Britain and the world are already noting an increase in demand for smaller procedures that can still produce dramatic benefits for the recipients. These procedures include the use of dermal fillers and earlobe reductions.

The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) is predicting a bumper year for cosmetic surgery in 2015 as a result of confidence in the economy, amongst other reasons.

Multiple Procedures For Maximum Benefit

Where Is Cosmetic Surgery Heading In 2015 TwoThe society believes that one of the key trends for 2015 will be a blurring of the lines between surgery for medical and cosmetic reasons. President Dr Stephen Park says that people having rhinoplasty in order to help them breathe better, for example, are increasingly likely to request cosmetic benefits from the procedure as well.

Dr Park also agrees that 2015 will be the year of the combination treatments. He said that more and more cosmetic surgeons were becoming advocates of ‘stacking procedures’, meaning that they are using more than one technique in order to achieve the best results for their clients. This may include using neurotoxins to complement fillers in the smoothing of wrinkles or laser help to assist the delivery of drugs in order to make sure that active ingredients reach their target tissue effectively.

Fat grafting also sets to get even bigger in 2015 and research is continuing into how growth factors and stem cells found in fat can be used further, information that could provide major opportunities for the future. Fat injections are now overtaking fat removal procedures in some quarters and there is an increase in the use of combination treatments, where fat is removed from one area and is then injected into another in order to boost the appearance quality in a variety of areas.

Also in the development stage and possibly hitting the mainstream as soon as 2015, is a Botox topical treatment and a fat-melting jab that will supposedly reduce double chins. This is further evidence of the increasing popularity and continuing development of non-surgical procedures.

Increasingly A Man’s World

Where Is Cosmetic Surgery Heading In 2015

Other procedures also set to see a boom in 2015 are eyebrow and hair transplants. More and more famous people are now admitting to having these procedures, prompting more ‘ordinary’ people to follow suit. This type of procedure is now particularly popular amongst men, evidence of an increasing number of males requesting all kinds of cosmetic procedures as they feel less inhibited and more confident in making requests for appearance improvements.

Some people are also predicting that 2015 will be the year of the back. It is thought that an increasing number of women, in particular, will request procedures to help them achieve what is being termed a ‘Barbie Back’, which is inspired by the popular doll and is smooth with dimples above the buttocks. As requests for buttock surgery continue to boom, an increasing number of people want the ‘perfect’ back to match.

Post-Surgery Treatment

Elsewhere, 2015 is likely to see an increase in popularity of the Ice2Recover Ice Therapy Gel Mask and similar products aimed at boosting recovery and comfort levels after cosmetic surgery. The mask can also be used every day and is said to be effective at reducing the appearance of wrinkles and firming the skin.

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