What Problems Can Cosmetic Ear Surgery Correct

If you or your children are suffering from ear issues it is very likely that cosmetic surgery could assist in alleviating the problems, or at least correcting them to a large degree. Ear surgery or otoplasty as it is medically known can correct a number of ear deformities, from protruding or misshapen ears to lop ear and abnormally large earlobes.

Whether you have been born with an ear deformity that stems from poorly formed cartilage or have suffered from a traumatic incident such as a dog bite there may very well be a surgical procedure that can address your issue. These types of procedure have no impact on your hearing, but can do wonders for self-esteem and confidence as they improve your appearance, and for children they may eliminate the risk of being taunted.

Correction of ear deformities

If you suffer from an ear deformation there are various surgical procedures that can address the issue. One of the most common deformities of the ear is folding, and this is caused when the upper portion of the ear does not develop fully and the cartilage that keeps the ear in place and upright is missing. This issue is often called ‘lop-ear’ and can be genetic. This deformity can be corrected by undergoing a minor surgical procedure and is often performed on children of a young age.

Cosmetic surgery can also be used to reshape ears, especially if one ear is a noticeably different size or shape to the other, and a patient can undergone a procedure, or a series of procedures to correct the deformity and create symmetrical ears.

Correction of prominent ears

Having prominent ears, especially those that stick out beyond the norm can be a sore point for children and adults, and often this issue is corrected at a young age. Increasingly however adults who did not have the issue addressed in their youth are opting for otoplasty to ‘pin’ back their ears. Prominent ears are often caused by the lack of folds in the upper ear and the surgery is relatively simple and takes around two hours. The younger the patient, the better the result as the ears are far more pliable as a child, but adults also enjoy a great success rate with this operation and the psychological effects are extremely positive.

Correction of ear lobe trauma

Ear lobe trauma such as that suffered by a patient who has been bitten by a dog or had their earlobe ripped by an earring is relatively common and these tears can usually be easily repaired surgically. In severe cases a cut may be made on the opposite side of the lobe and the two sides fitted together and re attached. Ear lobes heal exceptionally quickly and minimal scarring is experienced, with patients often able to wear earrings again within 6 weeks.

Cosmetic ear surgery is considered to be relatively minor and often a patient only needs to be administered a local anaesthetic. Children however are often put under general anaesthetic as it could be a more traumatic experience otherwise. Healing time from most forms of otoplasty is minimal and a patient can often resume normal day to day activities within a short period of time.

Otoplasty can do wonders for your self-esteem and also create a more symmetrical appearance, which in turn will enhance your looks and confidence.