You may have heard the term ‘Baby BotoxⓇ’ as it is making quite a stir amongst celebrities and fashion magazines as the new ‘It’ wrinkle reducing injection. The idea behind ‘Baby BotoxⓇ’ is that patients gradually introduced to small amounts of the botulinum toxin (BotoxⓇ) to provide a natural-looking result. We’ve asked our experts if this trend is fad or fab and ready to endure the test of time.

What Is Baby BotoxⓇ?

What is Baby BotoxⓇ?

‘Baby Botox’ is a term that is used when very small amounts of botulinum toxin is injected into a patient’s skin to slightly improve wrinkles. Patients tend to opt for this form of wrinkle reducing injection as they believe this will give them a more natural and less frozen look, a look that is commonly linked to BotoxⓇ. While the trend is not necessarily aimed at first-timers we have found that most people who opt for ‘Baby BotoxⓇ’  have a fear of injections or scared that they will walk out of the clinic unable to move their face.

Here at Elanic our highly experiences practitioners realise that everyone is different and will require different amounts of toxin to create the patient’s desired look, we tailor the correct amount each patient requires based on their wishes and facial muscles to achieve a natural look.

What Is Baby BotoxⓇ?

Is Baby BotoxⓇ Less Cost Effective?

Wrinkle reducing injection costs vary with some practices charing based on the units of toxin used, at Elanic we pride ourselves on offering our patients a unique tailor-made treatment, based on their indications are desires. Our expert practitioners take into consideration first-time nerves and patients desires such as, avoiding the frozen look.

What Is Baby BotoxⓇ?

Although ‘Baby BotoxⓇ’ isn’t a treatment we promote, it’s not to say that we do not carry out ‘Baby BotoxⓇ’, we tailor each treatment to suit the requirements of each patient. If a patient desires a less is more approach, that is what we will deliver.

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