What Are My Weight Loss Surgery Options

Obesity can be caused by a number of different factors, many of them not relating to diet or fitness. Many obese people have enjoyed weight loss success simply through regular exercise and a low fat diet, but in some cases, this just isn’t enough. Often caused by a host of underlying problems, excess weight can seem almost impossible to lose and negative views of body image can make it even harder.

Although not recommended as a first option, surgery to address excess weight is certainly a resolution to the problem. However, the underlying issues also need to be treated and support and guidance should be offered on how to make changes to your lifestyle, as well as how to implement a personal fitness and exercise plan. This surgery option isn’t routinely offered on the NHS, and is only available to NHS patients in exceptional circumstances. If NHS treatment is not available, the alternative is to have the surgery performed privately.

Gastric Banding

What Are My Weight Loss Surgery Options

Gastric banding is a popular surgical option and involves the top of your stomach being fitted with an inflatable band. Once inflated, the band limits the stomach’s capacity to take food, as it makes it much smaller and creates a narrow outlet. This will make you feel fuller more quickly, despite eating less food. A gastric band can deliver exceptional weight loss, but if you decide on gastric banding, you have to be prepared for regular hospital visits whilst your weight loss and general health is closely monitored by a Consultant and surgeon. The band will need to be adjusted several times during the first couple of years, in line with your weight changes.

If you decide on the gastric band option, then, if appropriate, you could lose up to 50% of your body weight, over a period of two years following surgery. Of course, this can have a positive knock-on effect on the rest of your general health, such as reducing blood pressure, lowering cholesterol and increasing lung capacity.

Gastric Balloon

What Are My Weight Loss Surgery Options

A non-surgical option to gastric banding is to have a gastric balloon fitted. This is a temporary solution, in which a band put down the trachea and inserted into the stomach. Once there, it is inflated and has the same effect as a gastric band, by making you feel full, after eating significantly less food.

The difference within the balloon is that it is removed after a period of six months, and it is then up to the patient to maintain their weight loss through healthy eating and exercise. So in effect, the balloon gives your weight loss a good boost and then the rest will be down to you.

Other Alternatives

There are also other weight-loss options on the market, such as weight loss supplements, but evidence shows that the very best weight loss results come from sensible eating and exercise, something which can often be achieved with motivation and a positive mind set.