Top Trends Predictions

It will not be that long before official figures are released outlining the trends in cosmetic surgery for 2014. If you cannot wait that long, however, here is a look at some of the procedures which look set to show a rise in popularity this year.

Breast Surgery

This has long-been one of the most popular forms of cosmetic surgery and so it stands to reason that it is likely to be near the top of the list again this year. It is also likely that the figures will have grown since 2013, given the increasing popularity of cosmetic surgery as a whole.

Tummy Tucks

With more people than ever before carrying excess weight, there are growing numbers of people dieting and being left with skin that fails to shrink back as it should. There are also a growing number of women who see no reason not to do all they can to get back their pre-baby bodies, making the abdominoplasty or tummy tuck a prime candidate to be one of the top trends of 2014.

Dieting can also leave women with unsightly ‘bingo wings’ or sagging skin on the upper arms, leading to ladies seeking brachioplasty surgery to give this specific area a more youthful and toned appearance. The problem is also often caused simply by the aging process but more and more women are now realising that there are extremely safe and effective ways of combating Mother Nature‚Äôs force.

Non-Surgical Options

This year is likely to become well-known as the year of the non-surgical procedure. There can be no denying the huge popularity of such anti-aging treatments such as chemical facial peels, botox and dermal fillers, not to mention non-surgical fat removal treatments such as I Lipo Xcell by Chromogenex.

Chin Implants

Marilyn Monroe is supposed to have had a chin implant and it is one of the procedures that has really seen a boom in up-take over the years. It can be an ideal solution for a receding or weak chin, balancing existing features, adding definition and improving the profile of recipients.


It was not that long ago, in real terms, when the concept of a ‘designer vagina’ had not even been dreamed on. Yet, 2014 is likely to see a huge boost in the figures reflecting the number of women who have chosen to undergo vaginoplasty and labiaplasty procedures in 2014.

Laser Hair Removal

It is almost unthinkable nowadays to see a woman walk down the street with excessive facial or body hair on show but that does not mean that this is all down to creams and waxing procedures. More women are recognising laser hair removal as an affordable and supremely effective solution to what would once have been an embarrassing problem which a woman had to battle throughout her life if she did not want to fear comments or even ridicule in the worst possible circumstances. There are also plenty of men who have realised that there is another option to temporary solutions and painful procedures if they want areas of their body to stay fuzz-free forever.

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