Listen up men! You may have swapped your quilted jacket for your winter coat to help fend off the cold but you now need to turn your attention to your skincare. Slapping on a little bit of moisturiser now and again just won’t cut it this winter. Forecasters have predicted a cold spell for the next upcoming months which means dry skin that can easily become irritated and sore, you will need to take extra steps to protect and hydrate your skin this winter. Here at Elanic we’ve put together 5 expert tips to help you beat the winter weather that can reap havoc on your skin!

Top 5 Winter Skincare Tips For Men

1# Upgrade Your Shave – If a closely shaven look is what you’re after you will need to take a little extra care over the winter months. A good pre and post shaving routine can hugely reduce the chance of skin irritation, try to shave after a bath or shower as the warm water will have already open up your pores allowing for a smoother shave. We recommend using a high quality shaving foam or oil pre shave followed by plenty of moisturiser or after shave balm to sooth your skin post shave. Try to change your razor blades at least every two weeks for optimum shaving results.

Top 5 Winter Skincare Tips For Men

2# Look After Your Beard – Just because your facial hair may take up over half of your face this does not mean you can forget about a skincare regime – it’s quite the opposite! When it comes to caring for your beard or moustache we recommend using a shampoo specifically designed for facial hair followed by beard oil to help tame your whiskers and to keep the skin beneath well moisturised.

3# Supercharge Your Skincare – Cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise! If you haven’t got one already you need add a cleanser to your skincare regime, this will help to eliminate any unwanted blemishes and blackheads. Exfoliation is the secret weapon during winter as dry skin will dull the appearance of your complexion, so it is important to exfoliate your dead skin cells to help keep your face looking fresh and healthy. We recommending using high quality skincare such as Obagi and SkinCeuticals as these products contain only the finest ingredients. If you feel that your skin needs something a little extra you could opt for a Non-Surgical Treatment such as, Microdermabrasion. Microdermabrasion buffs away the top layers of dry, dead skin and will leave your skin with a healthy glow.

4# Rid Your Tired Eyes – All those Christmas parties may have taken toll on your eyes and during the winter months you might find you’re more prone to puffiness and dark circles under your eyes during the winter months. To fake a full eight hours sleep we recommend you invest in a SkinCeuticals eye gel as these instantly tighten the skin around the eyes and for extra cooling effect you can store this in the fridge.

5# Polish Your Pucker – There is nothing attractive about dry, chapped lips so men you will need to swallow your pride and keep a lip balm to hand over the colder months. To give your lips and extra buff you can apply a layer of lip balm and gently buff your lips with a clean dry toothbrush as this will help to get rid of any dry, flaky patches. We recommend applying a layer of lip balm every night to avoid waking with sore cracked lips.

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