Do you feel as though you have lost definition in your face? Are you worried about the droopage on your facial skin?

As time goes on you can lose some of the shape to your face and features become less defined. This is because of fat changes. Fat is essential for fullness but over time it starts to descend in some areas and shift position.  

One of the biggest breakthroughs in anti aging and plastic surgery is to add fat back to the face and revolumise/revitalise it, especially the mid face area.

There are various things you can look at when taking this into consideration. They are:

Enhancing lost definition with a ‘liquid lift’

Surgery is usually the go to option when you feel like you need to ‘turn back the hands of time’, but fillers are a great alternative. If you’ve lost volume in the face but aren’t experiencing the looseness that can come with it, a liquid lift is the way forward.

Tips To Prevent Your Face From Aging

Your plastic surgeon or dermatologist can use a variety of fillers and injectables which can revolumise areas which have become sunken or hollow – namely to the temples, lips, cheeks and jowls.

The idea is to restore fullness to the areas that have lost it, this isn’t an all round face lift.

Plumping up saggy cheeks with fillers

A descent of volume in the cheeks, which is caused by a loss of fat and changes to the underlying bone structure, can lead to deep lines around the mouth. When your cheeks start to fall, so can the rest of the face.

Filling them conservatively can produce a natural appearance to smooth out the area and add to lost fullness.

If you are trying to achieve a lift in the cheek, but have a lot of laxity and too much filler is injected, you can end up with a really bad doughy look.

Filling out of thin lips with injectables

Aging lips can mean thinning of the lips, which can be a common concern among women of all ages. Lips can become longer, flatten out and may also lose the ‘cupids bow’ effect.

As well as this, the base of the nasal area between the end of the nose and the top of the lip can almost disappear. Using filler in the lip area is ideal for reestablishing shape and, when necessary, adding size.

Tips To Prevent Your Face From Aging

For vertical lines in the upper lip, neurotoxins can he roll out the natural curve of the lips, making them look fuller for longer. When lightening up deeper wrinkles around the mouth, your doctor may choose to use perioral dermabrasion as well as peels or lasers which act like an eraser.

Refresh skin with ‘fractional laser resurfacing’

As time goes on, the face can appear weathered and aged and skin can can start to loose it’s healthy glow. One option is fractional laser treatment. This can be an effective way to reverse the look of dull, aged skin.

Whether an ablative (a stronger more painful session which only requires one sitting), or nonablative (as series of treatments which are not as strong) laser is used, both injure the skin in a safe and controlled way, forcing the skin to heal and create new, healthy collagen and a smoother, more even surface.

Removing jowls with a facelift

With time, muscles, tissues and ligaments in the face will usually start to weaken and their proper positioning cannot be held in place as well. One area in which this can be prominent are the jowls.

Tips To Prevent Your Face From Aging

As ligaments along the jawline start to weaken, tissue falls down – which can cause jowls. An effective way to reduce the jowl is to elevate the lower cheek tissue to a higher position on the face. This elevates the tissue that descends below the jawline. Any remaining tissue is excised.

Some doctors use fillers to achieve a partial result, but the effects are not long term.