Things To Do In Rio Let The 2016 Olympics Inspire You To Get Fit

Its that time again… the Olympics are here!

If you’re going to the games to cheer on your favourite athletes this summer, you could also use it as an opportunity to explore the city and get fit.

Whether you’re new to exercise or you’re a fitness freak, Rio has a little something for everyone. It’s idyllic beaches and picturesque scenery provide the perfect backdrop for what will be a bustling, energetic area during the month of August.

Heres some great activities for you to try when you touch down…

First up, surfs up!

Thats right… surfing.

Things To Do In Rio Let The 2016 Olympics Inspire You To Get Fit

Surf in Rio

You may not think it’s the most obvious way to get rid of body fat or build up muscle, but trust us on this one. You’ll definitely feel the strain in your arm and leg muscles when you’re done. (but as they say – ‘no pain, no gain’, right?)

Ride the waves on either Ipanema or Copacabana beach and you won’t be disappointed. (There’s also tuition for beginners if you’re not too sure how it’s done).

Be careful though. Waves on Brazilian beaches can reach as high as 10 feet. You should only ride waves this big if you’re an experienced boardsman.

Barra da Tijuca is another popular area for surfing. The most popular surfing beach there, Prainha, runs about ½ mile (1km) with waves averaging 6 feet.

Other beaches worth visiting include Pontal, Joatinga and Grumari. Specialist surfing holidays are also available.

The Brazilian tourist information service will give advice on how to get to these beaches.

You should also ask local professional borders where the safer spots are.

Next up, jogging and running!

The temperature in Rio can be a little full on for some people, so it’s advisable to run either first thing in the morning or as the sun goes down. The temperature can drop quite rapidly at these times, so it will make for a much more enjoyable experience.

Things To Do In Rio Let The 2016 Olympics Inspire You To Get Fit

jogging and running in Rio – a fantastic experience

The best places to run are right across the beach promenade. Copacabana and Barra beaches are both ideal spots, as well as around the perimeter of Lake Lagoa, which is just a stone’s throw away from the city’s edge.

Alternatively, if you choose to jog along the beaches during the day, it’s advisable to wear a good pair of training shoes – as going barefoot may mean you get nipped by the odd rogue crab.

Sun cream is also a must. You don’t want to be burnt to a crisp by the time you get back to the hotel.

Not a fan of running? Why not try rowing or canoeing instead?

Things To Do In Rio Let The 2016 Olympics Inspire You To Get Fit

Travellers try Canoeing

If that was a big fat yes… then the Rodrigo De Freitas lagoon is the place for you.

Situated in the district of Lagoa in the Zona Sul (South Zone) area of Rio de Janeiro, it has hosted many professional and semi professional events as well as events and open days for  ameteur rowers and canoeists.

Double check times and dates though, because on some dates within August the lake will be hosting the Olympic rowing and Canoeing events.

Don’t be too disappointed if you miss out though. Go along and watch the professionals… you may just learn a thing or two!

Finally… hiking!

Things To Do In Rio Let The 2016 Olympics Inspire You To Get Fit

Hiking in Rio – an incredible experience

If you’re a lover of the great outdoors and want an even better view of Rio, then look no further than Pedra Da Gavea Mountain.

Situated in the heart of Tijuca Forest & National Park, this is one of the highest mountains in the world.

More and more people are daring to brave the heights of the mountain, with daily treks being hosted by professional hikers.

Its advisable to go with a group of friends and come home before sundown. (for obvious safety reasons, you don’t want to be walking through the forest at night)