Cosmetic surgery has always generated bad press, with botched bodies and bad practice it comes as no surprise that there are many scary myths surrounding plastic surgery. With this in mind we have got together a busted the five biggest myths surrounding plastic surgery to put your mind at ease once and for all!

Myth 1-  “People who have Cosmetic Surgery are vain and obsessed with their looks”

Fact – Many people mistakenly assume that just because Cosmetic Surgery is designed to alter a patient’s appearance, it’s only undertaken by those obsessed with their image. In actual fact, we have found that most of our patients undergo cosmetic surgery to improve their confidence levels with very few asking to look like their favourite celebrity.


Myth 2 – “It’s always obvious when people have had Cosmetic Surgery”

Fact – The majority of our patients want to achieve a natural look and wouldn’t have it any other way, we do occasionally get patients who want to look enhanced, although these are most definitely in the minority.


Myth 3 – “Cosmetic Surgery is just for women”

Fact – Women make up the majority of our Cosmetic Surgery patients. However, they are slowly being caught up by men, with the number of men seeking Cosmetic Surgery rising year on year. Take a look at our Male Cosmetic Surgery options for more information about what’s available for men at Elanic – Scotland’s leading Cosmetic Surgery Clinic.


Myth 4 – “Women are more concerned about their appearance than men”

Fact –  You’d be forgiven for assuming that due to the large numbers of skincare and beauty products, not to mention media pressure, that women cared more about their appearance than their male counterparts. We have seen a rise in Facial Cosmetic Surgery for men with many men opting for a Face Lift or Blepharoplastry (Eye Bag Removal). To find out more about your Male Cosmetic Surgery options please click here.


Myth 5 – “Cosmetic Surgery is only for rich people”

Fact – While Cosmetic Surgery doesn’t come cheap, it is open to everyone. At Elanic, we offer tailor made finance options to help you cover the cost of your chosen procedure in manageable chunks over an agreed period of time.


If you’re thinking cosmetic surgery our fantastic team would be more than happy to help, all of our practitioners at Elanic, both doctors and nurses, have undergone extensive training and boast years of experience and would be happy to assist your transformation. If you’re looking for high-quality treatment provided by the best practitioners then please contact us for a consultation.