Trends in plastic and cosmetic surgery can tell us a lot about what both men and women feel is important aesthetically. Every year, BAAPS, the association of UK cosmetic surgeons, releases a report on these procedures and their popularity. This list includes the cosmetic procedure, the number of surgeries performed, which genders underwent the surgery and whether this number is more or less than the year before.Surgeons around the UK use this information to plan their business in the coming year. It is also important to patients and allows them to see how many other people in the UK have opted for similar surgeries. Seeing the exact number of the individuals undergoing similar surgery makes it clear just how popular and acceptable these procedures really are.

The top cosmetic surgeries for women in 2015

The Most Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures

Last year saw increases in all of the top procedures for women. While women made up 91% of cosmetic surgery procedures, this percentage is seen as relatively stable. Women are still far more likely to undergo cosmetic surgery than men. The procedures they choose may go some way to explaining this. Breast augmentation is year on year the most popular procedure, accounting for some 9,642 cases last year. This represents a 12% increase on 2014 and is thought to be still growing in popularity. For obvious reasons, this procedure is not one seen in the top male procedures. In fact, more women have breast augmentation surgery than all the male cosmetic surgeries added together.

Behind breast augmentation, eyelid surgery is the next most popular procedure for women and for good reason. This relatively straightforward surgery has low complication rates, low downtime and the most impressive results. Neck and face lifts, although more complicated, are very close behind in numbers and growing in popularity just as quickly. By far the biggest jump in surgeries for 2015 was for liposuction, which saw a 20% increase on procedure numbers, compared to 2014.

Trends in male cosmetic surgery for 2015

The Most Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures

By comparison, men made up just 9% of all cosmetic surgery patients in 2015. In keeping with the women’s trends, men are also becoming very aware of the advantages of eyelid surgery. The increase in this, the most popular men’s procedure, was up around 15% on last year’s numbers, which is directly comparable to the women’s statistics. Face and neck lifts also make the list of most popular procedures, although men seem to have other concerns over sagging profiles.

Rhinoplasty has long been seen as a cosmetic procedure that can offer a big improvement in perceived attractiveness, and this again came in second in the most popular choices for men. Next, breast reduction was only a few procedures behind. Both procedures showed marked increases of around 14%. As in the women’s table, liposuction saw a big increase in demand and was up 20% on the previous year’s figures.

What do these figures mean?

The most obvious findings from these figures show that for both sexes, cosmetic surgery is becoming increasingly attractive year on year. The top procedures for both men and women saw notable increases.

However, as BAAPS President, Michael Cadier points out, despite these soaring trends, it is still vitally important that potential patients understand that cosmetic surgery is a serious matter and shouldn’t be seen as a quick fix. Any procedure undertaken should be the result of extensive research and counseling. Choosing a BAAPS affiliated surgeon, one with extensive training, experience and expertise is also still the best way to ensure patients receive the best advice and aftercare on any procedure they choose.