Stem Cell Hair First For 'Ken' Air Steward

Brazilian air steward Rodrigo Alves has spent more than £125,000 on cosmetic surgery in a bid to look like a Ken doll and now he has become Britain’s first person to undergo a stem cell hair procedure.

Rodrigo, 30, has had 20 different cosmetic procedures over the last decade including botox, rhinoplasty, liposuction, implants and calf shaping, but he turned to stem cell treatment to deal with his bald spots and receding hair line.

Procedure Details

He had the four-hour procedure several weeks ago and is now starting to see the results in the form of baby hairs appearing on his head. The procedure, which took place in Miami in the US, involved Rodrigo having liposuction on his back in order for doctors to get fat cells. These were then mixed with blood using a special machine used for stem cell extraction. His scalp was then injected with the mixture.

Along with the stem cell treatment, Rodrigo has undergone three procedures on his nose and numerous sessions of liposuction and various body implants. In total, he has undergone 12 large operations and eight other procedures. He has botox every six months and regular treatment with fillers in order to maintain his looks.

He decided he wanted to look like Ken, Barbie’s doll boyfriend, because he believes his appearance is that of the ‘ideal man’. He says he struggled with his natural looks until deciding to undergo cosmetic surgery in 2004 after moving to London from Brazil.

He says cosmetic surgery has changed his life and has been a very ‘positive makeover’. He does not believe that he would be the man he is today if it were not for the procedures he has had and he would not be able to ‘present’ himself in the way he has always wanted to.

Future Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Rodrigo does not think his cosmetic surgery days are over yet, however. He admits he is always researching new and different treatments and is constantly looking into the best possible procedures that will help prevent the aging process.

He uses a laser hair comb to improve his locks and takes a cocktail of vitamins in a bid to make him look his best. He also applies various creams as part of his beauty routine. Rodrigo says he is keen to talk openly about his cosmetic surgery and to set an example to other people who want to change their appearance through cosmetic surgery.

He says he receives correspondence from people from across the globe who want him to give them advice about beauty and cosmetic surgery, something he seems happy to do.

Rodrigo’s dedication to cosmetic surgery is certainly more enthusiastic than most but there is no denying that he is more than happy with his results and has taken to the British national press to declare how much his life has been changed for the better as a result of the procedures.

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