Cosmetic surgery, like any other type of surgery, will require recovery. The length of recovery will depend on the type of procedure the patient has had and if there were any complications or not. Are there ways you can speed up recovery time? We take a look in this article.

Before Surgery

One of the best ways to ensure a quick recovery time is to make sure you are healthy before the surgery. You should be a non-smoker or at least have avoided smoking for several months. You will likely find your recovery time is quicker and more pleasant with a healthy BMI. There are some some medications which you should avoid prior to the surgery, including aspirin, ibuprofen, fish oils and more. Your surgeon should provide you with a full list of medicines to avoid. Before the surgery purchase vitamin C as this will improve healing and arnica, which reduces bruising. Ice can also help healing and reduce swelling, so put some ice cubes or frozen peas in a zip lock bag or facial gel pack.

Speed Up Recovery After Cosmetic Surgery

After Surgery

After surgery the most important thing you can and should do, is rest. It may take some time for the body to adjust to the new changes so you will need to avoid any vigorous activities and relax as much as possible. Increased activity can result in blood pressure changes that can then cause an increase in bruising and swelling.

Ice – Ice will reduce swelling, it is recommended to use an ice pack for ten minutes of every hour while awake for the first 3 days.

Speed Up Recovery After Cosmetic Surgery

Sleeping – Sleep with 2-3 pillows, if your head is at the same level with your body it may encourage swelling. If you have had facial cosmetic surgery then you should do this for 4-6 weeks. Also on this note, you should make sure you get at least 8 hours of sleep every night and you may be given medication to help you sleep for the first couple of nights following the surgery.

Eating/Drinking – Many patients will have reduced appetite in the days following surgery, so it is best to stick to soft foods for a few days. This can also speed up recovery time; foods include oatmeal, rice, apple sauce, pudding and bananas. It is important to drink lots of fluids while recovering, juice and water are recommended. You should avoid tea, coffee and soft drinks during this time, alcohol should also be avoided.

Speed Up Recovery After Cosmetic Surgery

Other Medication – Do not use any medications other than what your doctor authorizes you to use. Also avoid herbal or alternative treatments as they can interfere with and potentially slow down the healing process and could cause other complications.

Exercise – If you exercise regularly you should temporarily avoid doing this until your doctor allows you to. This can increase blood pressure and could cause further bleeding and swelling as well as interfere with healing.

Attitude – Remember to keep a positive attitude and remember your reasons for having the surgery in the first place. A positive mental attitude can make the healing process go faster.

The advice above can be applied to any cosmetic surgery you may be having. Remember to follow all advice given to you by the surgeon. This is the best way to ensure a quick and comfortable recovery.