Some Homemade Skin Creams That Give You A Younger LookThere are many skincare creams on the market but have you ever considered trying to make your own natural alternatives? These can cost a fraction of the price of mass-produced creams and are surprisingly easy to make with easy-to-get-hold-of ingredients. Here are four ideas for homemade creams and the possible advantages for your skin.

Yoghurt, honey and lemon facial whitening mask

A homemade lightening mask can be a good alternative to harsher shop-bought products that can contain mercury and hydroquinone, which works by killing off skin cells that produce melanin. A yoghurt and lemon mask can be used to lighten specific areas or over the whole facial area. Mix a tablespoon each of lemon juice, honey and fresh yoghurt. Apply the pack and wait for 15 minutes before washing off with warm water.

Honey and yoghurt face scrub

For a really gentle exfoliator that shouldn’t damage even the most sensitive of skin mix together one teaspoon of Manuka honey, two teaspoons of almond meal, 20g of powdered brewer’s yeast and two teaspoons of yoghurt. Gently massage into the skin, leave for a couple of minutes and then rinse off with warm water and gently pat dry. The B6-rich yeast will help to stimulate blood flow, the meal will remove dead cells and the honey’s antibacterial agents will disinfect your skin.

Uplifting clay and egg mask

Give yourself a DIY face lift with the help of a firming egg and clay mask. Invest in some white clay and chamomile oil and mix two tablespoons of the clay with one drop of chamomile oil, one egg white and a tablespoon of cornflour. Mix well in a ceramic or glass bowl and then apply to your face. If it is too firm to apply, water down with a little fresh chamomile tea. Allow to dry completely and then wash off with plenty of lukewarm water. The clay will draw out impurities from the skin and the protein in the egg will give your face some protection against weather damage, although it is not a substitute for a good sun cream.

Apple cider vinegar tonic

Apple cider vinegar diluted with water makes an excellent facial toner and can be particularly beneficial if you have oily skin or suffer from mild acne or other skin conditions. You can add various herbs to the solution to deal with particular issues too. To make a basic cider vinegar herbal skin tonic, gently heat two pints of cider vinegar and then add half a cup of either fresh or dried herbs. Store in an airtight jar in a warm place away from direct sunlight, shaking twice a day for a fortnight. Strain using a coffee filter or sieve and then it is ready to use. For treating itchy skin conditions add red clover tops, comfrey and calendula or use a mixture of rosemary and lavender to give tired skin a boost. The vinegar itself is packed full of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and enzymes. It can reduce inflammation, fight bacteria and give your immune system a boost.