Scrotex The Bizarre New Plastic Surgery Trend

Yes, you read it right. ‘Scrotox’ is a thing!

The innovative new procedure is designed to make your testicles bigger, make them appear less wrinkled and a lot less sweaty. (oh, and it’s supposed to make your scrotum seem bigger too)

If you pressed your legs together after just reading that – like i did – then you’ll not be all that interested. But facts and figures state that enquiries for scrotox has more than doubled in the last year!  Crazy isn’t it!?

Director of British clinic, Dr Mark Norfolk spoke about the procedure at a recent debate. He said; ‘‘Over the past year, requests for scrotum botox have doubled.’’

‘‘In terms of results, injecting Botox into the scrotum may help with any sweating issues, but won’t have much of an effect on wrinkles.’’

Dr Norfolk’s clinic (and many others), do not offer the service though, citing the ‘‘possible risks and complications with treating this part of the body.’’

When asked about the potential risks of the procedure he said;

‘‘I cannot stress how important it is to do thorough research before committing. Not only into the practitioner but around the product they’ll be using.’’

‘‘Patients should also manage their expectations in terms of results, because it could prove very costly and nerve wracking to go through – for very little in return.’’

If all of the above hasn’t put you off and you have a good £2,500 spare in your bank account…then who are we to stop you.

Scrotox The Bizarre New Plastic Surgery Trend

Scrotox – the new male Botox phenomenon

Markus McMennemin, a professional cyclist from Vancouver went through the surgery. He said; ‘‘While competing in a race I used to excessively sweat between the legs, but now I don’t.’’

‘‘All of the sweat used to lead to chafing and it became very irritable – it was effecting my race.’’

‘‘I decided on scrotox and I’ve never looked back. Its fantastic.’’

As you can see, there are differing views on this issue, and effects are said to last no longer than 12 months… so you’ll definitely need a continuous ‘top up’ year on year.

The general consensus is though, as long as you do you’re research and look into the issues, benefits, costs and potential problems surrounding scrotox, then you’ll be in a better position to make a more informative decision.